Sunday, August 30, 2009

more loony things

See how low they stay in the water? Not like a duck or goose. We watched them dive and come up with fish. I guess they were having their supper.
I hope you can see the tail. They are kind of like a beaver's paddle tail. They are really long and lean.

I said that I would send you a couple more pics of those loons. I think they are such strange birds.

Today it is going to be sunny and cool so I am going to do a lot of yard work. I love that stuff you know.

My garden is almost all finished for the year. There are still green peppers and mean beans growing. I will be picking those later this week so that we can take them to Lori next weekend.

Last night mom and dad and I went down the road to visit with the pipeline workers who are "living" in their 5th. wheeler campers in the field below the Grinch's house. These are very much nice people. One family has 3 dogs, butt I don't think they like me. They just bark and bark. I don't go close to their fence.
Tomorrow mom and I are going to take the dog's mom to the big town to see the sculptures that Alan Cottrill does. I get to go because I know more about the stuff than mom does. I hope you remember the story I wrote about the Goose Egg. It was based on the egg that I really did find. I have pictures of Mr. Cottrill's GIANT goose sculpture. I will be the TOUR GUIDE for this lady. It will be a big job, butt I really do know all about this place and can show her all the really very much grrreat ones. I'll let you know how it goes on Tuesday. I very much hope that Mr. Cottrill is there. I like that man.
This lady is called Brandy. She and her husband (Loren) are from a place called Oklahoma. One man named Johnny is from Texas, and the other one is from Bethleham, Pennsylvania.
The men are working on this big pipeline project. It will have natural gas from way out west and will take it clear to New Jersey. Johnny and Loren weld the pipe and Bob is an engineer. I don't understand any of this. I am just repeating what I have heard them explain stuff to mom and dad. They will be here clear up until Thanksgiving time. Unless the work goes much faster than expected. They even had to dig way deep to go UNDER the Muskingum River.
I hope that wasn't TMI.


Twix said...

Cool birds! Strange but cool. I left a comment for you about Lori and eye surgery. I'm really behind cuz I was sick and I'm trying to catch up some.

Frankie Furter said...

Hi Twix, I am sooo very much sorry to hear that you have been sick. Hope you are much better and stay that way.