Saturday, August 8, 2009

Bird day at the lake

WOW !!! I had a super duper day at the lake today. I got to send Salty Dawg off to do his shore patrol work. I (he) got to dig about 10 new holes and even followed some grrreat deer tracks. Then we went to the beach and had our second picnic of the day. When I finished my meat and cheese... I got off and played with two girls and then met two new dogs. I then went swimming with mom. Well... she only goes in up to her knees... I can't touch bottom there sooooo I get to swim while mom washes me all up from my day of fun.

Now to the bird situation. First I saw the LOONS. The are really scary looking because the only part of them that is out of the water is... their HEAD. THEN I saw about 9 blue herons. Next a HAWK flew up and perched in the tree right by my boat. He was really close and looked neat. BUT THE BEST ONE OF ALL WAS... WHEN WE WERE JUST RIDING AROUND FOR FUN... A BALD EAGLE FLEW RIGHT PAST MY BOAT. WOW WOW
We see them in Pennsylvania all the time, butt this is the FIRST ONE WE HAVE EVER SEEN AT OUR LAKE !!!!! We all three were very much excited and happy about that.


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

What a grrrrreat day woo had!

Mom loves to see birds of all kinds!


Frankie Furter said...

I like to chase birds. Do you??
They are even faster than rabbits, so I never catch them, unless they have hit one of our windows. Then they just lay there and I am always very much sad for them. I worry and worry until they finally are ready to fly again.
We feed them in the winter. In the summer all we feed are hummingbirds.
I wish that you could have been with me on the boat. You would have loved it.