Thursday, August 20, 2009

Being Political... again

You might remember back in the fall when I campaigned for Bark O'momma. I felt then and still feel that he was the right choice. I mostly believed that we needed health care reform. It just costs too much plastic for people and pets to be healthy in this country.
My mom's grandfather used to say that doctors were all FEE SPLITTERS. You have to go to one doctor to get referred to another one so they both get paid. If you go to the hospital... lots and lots of doctors might come in your room (and get paid for it) and you don't even know them and they don't even actually do anything.
As I told you yesterday, Lori is having Lasik surgery today IN CANADA !!!!
In this country it costs over $1,200 to have it done. In Canada you can get it for less than $800.00. Of course the Canadians DON'T PAY ANYTHING FOR THEIR LASIK.
My mom had this done 11 years ago. It has paid for itself over and over again. BUTT, her insurance would not pay for it. They would rather pay hundreds and hundreds of plastic for glasses, than to pay ONE TIME to fix the problem. CRAZY CRAZY
We have a health care system that is just way out of control. I hope it gets fixed and that it happens fast.
There now, I have said my piece.


Frankie Furter said...

Hi Twix, I saw that you left a comment yesterday saying that your momma works for a Lasik center. I was wondering what you think of the CRAZY fact that OUR insurance plans Do NOT pay for Lasik? I mean really, it is such a cost saver in the long run. You would think they would WANT to save themselves a bunch of money. My mom thinks Lasik is WONDERFUL. She can see BETTER now than she ever did with either glasses or contacts !!!

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

I hear your barking and I so agree!

It is all out of khontrol!

Maybe 'we' need to seize khontrol and shred and/or pee on these things khalled 'fee skhhedules'!

PeeEssWoo: We'd paw more but it only gets my mom all out of sorts!

Ruby and Penny said...

Hi Frankie
In Canada we do pay for Lasik. The cheapest it would be is $490 an eye, but it goes up. When my mom went to have a consult they were going to charge her $800 an eye or $1600 total. Some peeps here may get it free if they are on a health plan through work.
Mom says she wishes it was free.
Heal fast Lori.
Love Ruby & Penny

Twix said...

Hey there Frankie! I agree it is crazy that insurance companies don't want to pay for Lasik. There are a few companies that offer a discount or will pay a small portion of the procedure but not very many. I think ins cos don't pay because it is still considered an elective procedure. I agree the health care system is totally out of control. My mom has a high deductible plan ($4000 per year) and with her health problems she meets that every year.
I saw your comment about about missing me....thanks! Sometimes it is hard to keep up on everyone's bloggies. I would love for you to visit me as much as you would like and I will promise to leave you more comments so you know I'm reading your posts. Deal? ;o)

Twix said...

Oh, I forgot! A lot of times people see better after having laser eye correction than they ever have before. You don't have to look through those lenses that can distort things or contacts that get dry and uncomfy.