Saturday, July 11, 2009

One tired boy !

Wow! Yesterday I did not even get to make my blog post ! Mom got me up Before Breakfast!!! I didn't know why until she called me Cap'n Frankie. Then I knew it was going to be a very much long fun day at the lake.
We went early and stayed late. I had my first mate take us to my favorite shady cove and beach my boat. There is this grrreat little creek there and lots of shore and then the nice big shady wooded valley for me.
After lunch. Cheese for me, thank you very much. I took some time to do my captain work. Stuff like charts and plans and thinking about things (A.K.A. NAP TIME). Then I ordered Salty Dawg (who is also me, he he he) to go ashore and do his patrol work. Wowser Bowser was it ever a super time. I (Salty Dawg) found this super duper hole that a chipmunk was living in. Salty Dawg went after it like an escaped prisoner. I (he) dug and dug and dug and made a very much huge trench. It was just grrrreat, I tell you. Salty Dawg was observing things, (napping in the trench) when mom went and ruined all my (his) fun. She took me out into the lake and Washed off all the good stuff. Can you believe that. I was pretty peed off at her. Then she made me get back on board and CLOSED THE GANG PLANK.
After I got all dried off I went back to being Cap'n Frankie again. I ordered the anchors to be hoisted and we went on a cruise for 2 hours. It was grrrreat to have the lake air in my fur. When I was sure that the whole lake had been patrolled, I allowed my crew to take my boat to the dock. Just in time too. It started to sprinkle.
It was a fab day for a dachshund.
I have been soooo busy that I have not even had a chance to tell you about my Write Away Writers group meeting on THURSDAY night. I took the snacks... cheese of course. Our writing assignment was to use this word in a story.... PERFIDY..... I wrote a grrreat thing and I hope to be able to post it Tomorrow for you to read.
I thought today was going to be a resting day for me. W R O N G ..... SHE... got me up before breakfast AGAIN today. I thought... Oh great dachshunds I am going to the lake again today. WRONG. NOPE. NOT. You will very much not believe this one. She got me up that early and MADE ME GO TO THE GARDEN TO DO MORE HARD WORK AND PICK MORE MEAN BEANS !!! CAT FARTS I am just exhausted. I had to pick and work until she had 2 huge buckets of those things. Enough for her to can another 7 quarts. I tried to eat a whole bunch of them. I could only get about 6 of them down though. Garden work is very demanding.
Now we have had lunch and the canner thing is cooling down. I am going to NAP. See you later.


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...


I'm tired after READING the post!

Tank woo fur sharing this befur woo got your nap!


Twix said...

Hi Frankie! Wow! That was a busy wonder you didn't have time to post. You will need extra naps today. I have an award for you on my blog. Please stop by and pick it up.
Love and hugs,

Lacy said...

w00fs, w0w, no wonder u wuz tired, me wood b too...and u getting a lots of green u gots to go out on ur u think they tring to make it up to u they lefted u at sarge's...

b safe,


Hi Frankie,

My name is Mona & I am a wirehaired dachshund. I just heard about you on one of bestest friends, Twix's blog. I love making new friends. O'm gonna add you to my dachsie favorite list. We will be back.


Frankie Furter said...

Welcome Welcome Welcome Mona.

Thanks Twix I'll be right over to check it out !!!