Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Fun at the lake

I really had a grrreat time at the lake yesterday. I got to be Salty Dawg in about 5 different locations. They all had grrreat stuff to sniff and dig. I only stopped long enough to eat my cheese and when we moved to a new place.
I did find some really super grrreat stuff. One was a huge big stick that had been buried for... well longer than I have been alive. It was really exciting. I ran back to the boat and called and called for dad to come and see it. He was a little slow in moving, butt he finally got off and followed me. He was very much impressed with my digging and finding skill. As well he should be.
Mom swabbed the deck. Well, not really swabbed it. She gets down and "sweeps" it with a brush and then when she finished that she washed everything all up. I didn't know why she was doing all of that until we got home and I heard her talking with dad. That is when I learned the really bad stuff...
We are going have company over the weekend. Lori is coming from Pennsylvania. It will be her birthday and we are having a party. Well, it won't be much of a party for ME, because SHE IS GOING TO BRING THAT S A R G E with her. Cat Crap !!!


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...


No pikh of this ancient stikhk?

Rut roh! Khat khrap!?! I hear it is a tasty snakhk!


Frankie Furter said...

No, sorry. Mom did not take the camera this trip. She had to clean the boat and doesn't like to get "stuff" around her camera. She is picky about that stuff. I wish I could have shown it to you though. It was H U G E. Longer than I am.