Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Cap'n Frankie

I spent all day yesterday on my boat... The Lady L. I love my boat. Mom and dad bought her for me when I graduated from my first class at my "school". I graduated two other times, butt they didn't buy me anything else. I don't know why. I keep the Lady L on Burr Oak Lake. It is a very much grrrreat place. There are trees and birds and all kinds of animals all around it. That is the stuff that I really love. When we are on the boat I make mom and dad call me CAP'N FRANKIE. When we beach her so that I can go ashore, I want to be called SALTY DAWG because then I am on shore patrol. That is some grrreat stuff, let me tell you. I get to go insniffigating the shore and playing in the water.
Yesterday I had my crew drop anchor at my very favorite cove. That is where there is a really big area for me to insniffigate. You won't believe what I found. There were two new chipmunk holes !!!! Sooooo Salty Dawg had to go to work BIG TIME.
I worked and worked and worked. I only stopped long enough to eat my lunch which included cheese. When mom and dad said I had to come back on board... mom had to take me out into the water and wash and wash and wash me. AND MY HOLE WAS HUGE !!!! You should see what a beauty it is. I could get clear down inside and none of me was hanging over the edges!! AND it was really deep. What a grrreat time. It is the biggest hole I have EVER made.
Then we went to talk to the Ranger. His name is Ranger Frost (no kidding), and he is such a nice man. I let him pet me and everything. He said that he has seen ME and my boat and crew lots of times, butt this is the first time that he had gotten to actually meet me. He was very much impressed with what a super Cap'n I am. He knows that I always make the crew follow the rules of the lake.
When we got home I had mom and dad go check on the garden. There were acorn squash to pick and LOTS of green beans sooooo Jennifer and Kevin (the kid we never had) and Arianna (one of my little girls) came and we all picked beans for them. I showed Arianna how to make beans stick to to me, and then she stuck some on her shirt. It was really fun. I even let her sit in my swing with me when we finished. A grrrreat end to a wonderful day. I guess my Treat Jar was full.


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...


Nap time fur me after all woo did!


Frankie Furter said...

Hi Khyra, YAWN STRRRRETCH. Me too. I spent all day today just resting.

detroit dog said...

So cute!

Nibbles Treats said...

Salty dog... that's funny!

Lots of treats,
Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker