Sunday, June 14, 2009

a New Grinch Sighting

Yesterday was a Major Grinch day on my hill. This is a picture of the Grinch on his Green Grinch Tractor. I think he was trying to run over my dad with MOM'S 4-wheeler trailer. I'm not really sure what this was all about because when I heard him coming up the driveway on that Grinch Machine... I STAYED ON THE PORCH so he wouldn't get me.
BUTT the most interesting thing was that mom went to some kind of a party where they had snacks and stuff, and she did NOT take me. When she came home she told me that Jim the Grinch Guy's SISTER was there. That made me glad that I had not gone, until I quizzed mom and found out that the Grinch's sister was a REAL PERSON. Mom says that she was really nice, not one bit like the Grinch. And... her daughter was there too. Mom says that would be the Grinch's niece, and she was nice also. THIS MAKES ME ALL THE MORE SURE THAT THE GRINCH'S REAL MOTHER MUST HAVE SNEAKED IN AND SWITCHED BABIES. THAT EVIL THING HAS TAKEN THE REAL BABY FOR HERSELF AND LEFT "HER BAD BABY" WITH THIS POOR FAMILY TO DEAL WITH. Isn't that a scary story? How awful for them. These great people have had to put up with the Grinch Guy for their entire lives. Somewhere there is a Mother Grinch who has a very much normal son who does NOT to any of these Terrible things. These Grinch things really are Mean Ones.
The only good part is that none of the Grinch's bad stuff has rubbed off on his family. (Well, except for the Grinch Junior.) .... OHHHH, maybe that means that only BOYS can be Grinches!!!
That is something for us all to think about. Girls are good and boys can be...


Frankie Furter said...

Hi to all my new friends. Rocky, thank you for sending your pack to view my blog. That was a pawsome thing for you to do. I don't always write about scary things like Vacula and the Grinch Guy. I don't want you to have bad dreams. Welcome Friends.

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Tank woo fur sharing your adventures!


Lacy said...

w00fs Frankie, ur welcome..the more u go visit, the more friends u will have visit u..just click on their names in here, like Khyra thats in blue..have fun blogging!!

b safe,