Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My friend Woodie

This is me with my very much grrrreat friend Woodie. Woodie owns a business. He owns this grrrreat place called Mauer's Trading Post on Rt. 8 just outside of Franklin, Pennsylvania.
I LOVE to shop at Woodie's place. He has super stuff for sale.
Woodie sometimes helps customers check out. When I got there on Friday morning he was in his office doing very important paper work.
Woodie's dad (Mike) works for him in the store. There are some other nice guys that work there too. I like all of them. So does my dad. I suppose Woodie is good to work for.
We went outside for a little "guy" time and to visit a little bit after I had finished my shopping.
Woodie is a very much handsome Chocolate colored Lab.. He is also BIG. He must be really smart to have his own business.
If you are ever in his area... be sure to stop in and say HI. Maybe even do a bit of shopping. I guarantee you will be made to feel WELCOME.
Don't forget to say that you know me. Woodie will give you one of his extra special greetings if you do !!!!!
I told Woodie's dad (Mr. Mike) that I would try to post my Goose and Egg story so that they could read it. I will do that either tomorrow or Friday (if I can make it work again, he he he).
Keep stopping by for it guys.


Frankie said...

You look so furry & cute! Woodie looks nice, too. I never get to go into stores unless it's the pet store. You're lucky!

Frankie Furter said...

Hi Frankie Mae, I have been missing you.
It helps when the store OWNER is one of US you know.he he he
Woodie's store is a combination hunting & fishing// pet store.
He sells the most deeeelicious smoked beef bones. I very much love shopping for just the right ones.
Woodie knows how to put a grreat store together, I'll tell you.
Licks & Wags

mike said...

Frankie came to visit me at the store today. Like all fun things the visit was too brief ! He brought treats and everything-
Thanks Frankie.
Your friend Woodie