Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I went to my writer group meeting last night. It started out fine. Mom took some cheese for me. She helped me up onto my chair and gave me my cheese. Next she took me to the drinking fountain and let me have a nice drink. Then I wanted to go see some of my friends. SHE would not let me do that. I got off my chair 3 times. Mom said that was bad and that I had to sit and listen.

I was pretty upset with her anyway, because she did not take my mystery story to read. She said it was too long. Well, I didn't care. I wanted them to hear my story and was going to complain to them about mom. It didn't work out though because she forced me to sit on the chair.

Sometimes she can be a real pain in my tail.


Nibbles Treats said...

We're not very patient sitters either. Hang in there.

Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker

Ruby and Penny said...

Hi Frankie
We're sorry you're mom made you sit on the chair. Mom's are always making us do stuff we don't want to. We hope you're not angry with her.
Love Ruby & Penny

Barb said...

Well Frankie,
I think I am in trouble for sitting in a chair.
Last night Mum did not put me in the garage on my trampoline bed, because I was sleeping, when she was ready for bed, so I got to stay in side, YaY ! But Mum had to be out early this morning so was up whilst I was still sleeping, She Shouted at me.
Just because I was nice and comfy, in her blue velvet recliner chair, I am not allowed on any of the furniture, I think I will be back in the garage to-night.
bye for now.

Rita's Write said...

Frankie, you were very good at the meeting. I'm sorry we didn't get to hear your mystery.

Frankie Furter said...

Sitting is not a Dachshund's best suit, butt I am usually much better than that. I just wanted my mystery to be read to the group. I tried to tell mom that.
Barney, I'll bet you were really comfy all night. Remind your mum that while you were guarding her beloved chair... no robbers got in and stole it.
Sometimes these humans can be a bit shortsighted. he he he