Friday, April 3, 2009

Oh, these two legged ones.

I looked and looked for my pictures of the poor bird that I found and helped after it hit the sunporch windows. I felt so sorry for the little thing. It was hurt and scared. That was just thej first of many that had this happen. The problem is that mom just won't listen to those of us who know more than she does about how to avoid danger.

See this is all about her being hard headed. (and they say that about those of us who are German???)

After that first bird hit the window the feathered and fur folks on this hill began a program to make things much safer for all of us. I took on the inside work and the birds went to work on the outside.

When humans don't have fure folks to take care of them they have to go out and buy these strange looking window cling things to keep birds and dogs and EVEN PEOPLE from banging into the glass.
That glass stuff is very much hard. It hurts when you hit it with your nose, let me tell you. And if you hit it too hard it will break and it is sharp and dangerous and rain and stuff might come inside your house!!!

So all the birds began to carefully bump into the windows and get some of their feathers to stick on the glass. Some of them even went so far as to POOP on the glass which is no easy thing to do, I think. Then I went around and put on some really good snot smears. It took us days and days and days to make it so we could actually SEE all this glass and be able to avoid it.
We even made it very much better for my dad. He could see the glass then too. He actually quit banging his head on the glass when he looked out the window to see who was coming up the driveway.
OKAY, so we worked inside and out and got everything all fixed so that this was a safe place to fly and walk around. I quit being worried about mashing my nose on the french doors when I thought someone was on my porch. LIFE WAS GOOD !!!
UNTIL TODAY. Today mom went totally crazy. She started in with this stinky stuff that smells like pickled beets (which are really not much good) and she was spraying and wiping and rubbing and and and just acting like a turpentined cat !!!!
Now, all the warning markers are gone. Not a single feather, poop streak, or snot smear is left on any window. What kind of madness is this?


Nibbles Treats said...

Our advice is to get get a big drink of water, walk back to the glass and drool all over it. Our experience is that doing this always leaves lots of good marks.

Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker

Nibbles Treats said...

Oh yeah, don't forget to rub your wet nose all over the glass too!

Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker