Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Lady L is back


My boat is called the
Lady L. She is back
from her long winter
sleep. We went yesterday
to get her uncovered and
ready to go.
This is me from last summer. I don't have all my winter fur in this picture. I still have it right now. I will be very much hot because it is going to be 87 degrees F. today. Darn, I may be forced to do some cool refreshing wadding. When I am on my boat I force people to call me
Cap'n Frankie !!!! he he he I sure do hop there aren't any Pirates on my lake. I don't want them to try to take me or my crew hostage.


Barb said...

G'day Matey
glad the lady "L" is back in the water. Wish I could join you, I just love the water. My Mum told me all about the great Catfish your people saved for her. She said it was Yummy, but how can a cat be a fish, Cats do not even like water. I think Mum was very brave to eat one.
Went on a huge walk this morning, because we rested over the week-end, now I need a nap. Have a good day my K9 friend

Frankie Furter said...

Hi Barney My Mate (not the boat kind) he he he
I got to be on my boat for a very much long time today. I had alter ego Salty Dawg do shore patrol while dad fished and mom read. Dad only caught little ones today... it was a practice run... he he he
Salty Dawg found a FROG!!! while he was off on S.P. duty. It scared him at first. Then... I ooops .. I mean HE went in up to his tummy trying to catch it. Even though it is still April there were other people who were in the water. That is because it is waaay hot. It has been 90 degrees for three days. That is very much not normal.
Take care of your mum.
Licks & wags from Cap'n Frankie (and Salty Dawg)

Ruby and Penny said...

Ahoy Cap'n Frankie!
That's a real nice boat you have there. You have a lot of room, maybe you would take us on a cruise some day.
Love Ruby & Penny