Saturday, March 28, 2009

Down the Road

These deer were in Lori's driveway one day. They left me some very much good things to sniff. Someone said that they liked the other ice sculpture so I thought I would put another one in for you to see. I was not there when these were taken.
Last night I went with dad when he went down the road to Jim the Grinch Guy's garage. The Grinch had told mom that he had a PRESENT for me. I love presents, butt that isn't the real reason I wanted to go. My wimmen, who are very much smart girls, said that I should try to get Vacula to attack the Grinch. I liked that idea, A LOT.
So on the way down I dropped out a long trail of COOKIE CRUMBS from Vacula's closet to the Grinch's garage door.
I thought it was going to be a very much good trip. A Present and the cookie crumb trail to trap the Grinch. It surely did not work out the way I had planned.
First the Ginch did NOT give me a present!!
Then it started raining and I think it melted away all the cookie crumbs.
And finally Clifford the Big Bad Man (not to be confused with Clifford the big Red Dog, who is very much good.) was there. He said some very much mean stuff about me. He has no respect for a dachshund. The awful things that Clifford the Big Bad Man said about me are just too terrible for me to repeat here. It would ruin your day. That Clifford is going to get a very much bad note let me tell you.
I also want to say that since Jim the Grinch Guy just tricked me with the promise of a present, he is losing 2 of his Economic Stimulus points!!! See, this is how he ends up going bankrupt. He insists on doing mean things. He only has 18 points left. I'll bet they don't last long. You just can't help some people.

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