Thursday, January 15, 2009

Jim the Grinch

Yesterday in the middle of all the snow, our neighbor from down the road, Jim the Grinch came to see me. For once, he behaved himself. He did not hassle my mom at all. He didn't tear things us or pee on the floor or anything ,but he DID eat some of MY CHEESE. Over all though, he was pretty good (for him), because he was here for a very much long time. Long enough that he had to clean snow off his windshield before he could leave !!!! I think he just came because he was jealous about his grand daughter (Jalyn) getting to see ME at Play Auditions on Sunday, and he did not see me. Jim the Grinch can be a real big baby about stuff like that.

Did I tell you that I used some of my allowance to buy Jalyn a pretend sword for her to have for the Pirate Play? I like that Jalyn a lot, even if her grandpa IS a Grinch. he he he

While he was here, my mom made a copy of something for him. That was nice of her, I think.

I was a clean plater again yesterday. I want that food for the animal shelter.

1 comment:

lady jicky said...

Hey Frankie maybe give Jim the Grinch some of that vegemite! LOL
That might fix him!
I sort of like it on toast but Frankie - I have to be in the mood. Its salty isn't it!