Saturday, January 24, 2009

January Thaw

Yesterday was so nice and warm and sunny....I had thoughts of spring and the first pretty flowers. I should have known that it wouldn't last. We just got a very much big tease from Mother Nature. When mom let me out to make my potty this morning it was back to being cold and there were snow flakes falling again. Darn it.

I am still keeping my resolution. In a few days I will be able to take a very much big bag of food to the shelter to help the poor ones. I am really sure that I will be able to make my goal. I am a very much determined dachshund. Now don't be laughing and thinking... "hard headed German." I know you. he he he I am determined and goal driven. OKAY?

You may know that I have two Aussie mates, Barney and Kenzo. I want to wish them a very happy AUSTRALIA DAY... on Monday Jan. 26th.. It is a very much special holiday for all Australians. I hope that they get to have something special to eat or to do to celebrate their big day!!!


lady jicky said...

Hi Frankie - its me Kenzo! Yeah, I can type. I took one of those "type in 2 days" lessons and I do think I am doing sorta OK!
Thanks Mate for the Happy Aussie Day wish. Now, this is bitter sweet for me Frankie, I have yet to have my second injection ( I asked Henry what the hell is it - but no answer yet - so I am asking you too) Soooooo - I can't go out to the BBQ at Mums daughter's house tomorrow! Mmm, not fair but its for the best. Can't get sick. Went to the Vets yesterday ( I have a hernia ) its OK - Mum went into a SPIN! Thats how I know I get this "injection" thingy in 2 weeks. He is a weirdo that Vet - do you know where they put the thermometer??? Oooo

Frankie Furter said...

Yea Kenzo, you learned to type in just 2 lessons. I knew you were a very much smart pup!!!
Oh yes, I do know about that temperature taking thing. I don't know what is worse... where they put it,or grabbing my tail to do it. You do need that other injection though. It will keep you from getting sick.... and when you get sick.... they take your temperature over and over and over again. It would be worse than being sick or getting poked with that needle thing. Sometimes it is really hard being a fur person. A hernia, I have never had one of those. I did have a big operation thing though. If you think the shots and thermometer are bad... wait until your mum decides that you have more body parts than you need!!! when that happend to me, I was sooo very much mad at mom and dad that I did not talk to them for days.they called it, "GETTING ME FIXED!" I assure you, Kenzo, there was nothing wrong there that needed to be fixed. My dad finally had to take me for a walk and he had this big talk with me. I am over it now, and I suppose it was all for the better. I just wish dad had talked it over with me first. It was quite a shock to wake up and find that you weigh less than when you went to sleep. Have your dad talk it over with you first so it won't be such a nasty surprise.
Tell your mum to be sure and bring some BBQ back to you. What kind of meat do you think it will be? My mom sometimes makes BBQ pork or beef, but the very much best kind is BBQ deer (venison). I have not had that since last fall. It is sooo yummy for my tummy. My dad needs to go out and get another one for us.
Be very much brave when you get your next injection. It is almost as good as your mum at keeping you safe. Licks and Wags

Frankie Furter said...

Hey, Kenzo, My mate. We have heartworm here too. I didn't read your questions to Henry first, or I would have told you about that. I used to have to take a pill every month, then my mom told my vet that she wanted something better for me. Now I take this really good cube thing. I get it right after she trims my nails. It makes it fun for me.
You be very much brave about your injection thing. It is better than being sick.
I know what you mean about those vet people being perverts. Heck, they don't even sniff you first. They just grab your tail and shove that cold thing...well you know what I'm talking about. The worst part is that my mom actually pays them lot of money to do that stuff to me. UNBELIEVABLE.

lady jicky said...

OMG - you mean she PAID him to do that!!!!

Is "fixed" and "De-sexed" the same thing Frankie??? I think I need to google this lot. I have a feeling its not going to be a happy thing like the chicken I am getting tonight for tea.
might be lamb or chicken on that BBQ. Frankie mate, who cares! I am NOT going ! rrrrr