Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Santa Paws, my friend needs you

Dear Santa Paws, I am not going to ask for anything for myself in this letter. I am asking this for my friend Sadie. Sadie is not a Dachshund, but she is a very much good Jack Russell. She is having a very much hard time with her ma. Sadie's ma wants her to sit on her lap and watch her send HER email instead of having her very own computer so that she can send mail to me.
Sadie needs her very own computer that she does not have to share with her ma. This is what she needs to have: a no mouse computer (just like the one I asked for), and it needs to be a YapStop computer (just like the one I asked for) so that she can use it on the floor and other easy places, and it should have a paw touch pad (just like the one I asked for). Sadie likes to be touched and she has pads on her paws like I do.
This is Sadie's very much first Christmas and she did not know how to send you a letter. That is why I am doing it for her. If she had her own computer she could even have a blog just like I do. It would be grrrrrrreat.
See, you Jolly old Shelf, I did not even ask for anything for myself.
I told Sadie to leave a milk glass and cookie plate for you too. Her ma makes lots and lots of cookies.

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