Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Man of the house !

Because my dad is away bear poop hunting, I am now the MAN OF THE HOUSE and the BOSS OF THE OUTDOORS.

This is some really good stuff. This morning I told my mom that I wanted an egg for my breakfast, and guess what ! She fried one for me.

She said it was because she needed to see how her new stove worked, but I know it was because I am the MAN.

Today I am going to have her go down the driveway and get the newspaper. That will be good for her. I will go along to be sure she does not get in the road or stuff like that.

I also had her get up really early and make a big fire in the woodburner. She needs to practice that one. When she got things going she came in and helped me get out of bed. I think this is going to be pretty easy. She minds me very well.

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Barney said...

G'Day Buddy
Great to be be man of the house,
I have had that job for a couple of years, it is a heavy responsibility, at times, your day is going to ask lots of questions when he comes home from his Bear Poop adventure, very funny people these humans. I hope you are going to walk with your Mom down the drive.
Your one lucky dog, your Mom is getting the house nice and warm for you. I think it may be bath day in my house, so I am trying to hide. I saw the towels and the shampoo come out of the garage this morning. Do not know why I have to endure this, I am after all going to the doggie place next week that have all that stuff done. Very strange my Mom wants me to be clean, before she sends me, for the Lady to made me even better.
Gosh your lucky to get a fried egg for breakfast, all I ever get is a thing that looks like beef jerky, but it tastes O.K. It is going to be very sad for me when I go on my holiday, my first human Mom and my doggie my think I am carrying too much weight. But I am strong so it is O.K. But I can see some lean times ahead and no breakfast at all.
I am worried about my food at the new place, Kim the other lady feeds all of her dogs at the same time. I think as a visitor I should stand back and wait my turn, but then I might miss out.
Oh! dear I am getting just a little too old to learn new things.
Have to go now Mum is very busy.
Take care of your Mom and make sure she is not loney without your dad being there.
Maybe if you are really lucky and they find some bear phoop , they also might find a bear, then you will get to taste that.
Your so lucky, we do not have anything like bears or dears in my country, only silly Kangaroo's that jump on the roads and frighten the driver.
Hope I get a chance to talk to you again.
Woofs and wags