Friday, November 21, 2008

I am almost a star.

I could not believe it when my mom showed me the newspaper yesterday. It has this picture of me in it!!!! Oh, Bonnie is in the picture, too. I think that is really grrrrreat.
Last night the practice was really wonderful. I did not know about this part. Bonnie is going to be brushing me during the play. She practiced and practiced how to do it last night. I think she will be very good at that part.
I love to be brushed. It makes me feel very good and look nice too. My mom does it every day. She does it more than once if I go out and get stuff in my hair. I do it on purpose sometimes, but please don't tell mom.
Now I wonder if everyone in the play is going to brush me. I hope so. Maybe Bonnie is going to teach them how. Karlie and Bonnie gave me lots of cheese snacks last night too. I love this business of being an actor. Picture in the paper, cheese snacks, and brushing what could be better?

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