Thursday, February 4, 2016


OMD   Ranger says that today is   THANK a MailMan or Letter Lady Day...   SOOOOo

Look what we fixed up fur OUR Miss Donna the Letter Lady...

Of Course we couldn't give Miss Donna somethingy... WITHOUT giving our furend Myah somethingy also...  

After what Blogville put the Letter Ladies and MailMen through in DECEMBER...  we should ALL be thanking OUR Letter Ladies...  Don't you think....  BaaaaaaWaaaah.

NOW:we have some additional entries to the Valentine's Day Pawrade...
Here is MY List
Post #1.  to air at 6:00AM...  EST
Madi and Raz and Smoke and Joe pLUS  Buttons the Clown
Stella Rose Princess Leah Gussie and Maggie Mae
Sw. Wm and Bella
the BAND...  BDA
Hailey and Easy
Chimera and Fenris and Crew
Ziggy Stardust
Oreo and Hazel
the    Blogville Awesome Retreat (BAR) float
Abby and Frankie
Ruby and Jessie and Murphy and Stanley
Dory and Mr. Bailey
the BAND...  MacLowland Scottish Band
   Second Post..... to air at  7:00AM EST
Reilly and Denny
Sammy the Cat 
Mabel and Arty
Vaks and Laika
Ciara and Casey
Addi and Bertie
Emma and  her sister Bailey   Bentley and Pierre
If you have sent an entry to US and do Not see yourself listed....   let us know...
   REMEMBER:  The Crabby Girrrrls will be having TWO Pawrade Posts up also... and you MAY be in THEIR Pawrade Line up...   Just sayin...
     WOW....   this is gonna be BIG....   we hope there are enough TREES and Private Potty Places along the route!!!   


Emma said...

I like that term letter lady, although we do have a mailman. Never heard about a special day for them. Looking forward to the parade.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
What a lovely gesture for the mail deliverer! That's looking like it's building to a very grand pawrade indeed! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx (Not sure who is coming on the BAR trip... there's already whisperings and shufflings among the stuffies...)

Reilly-Denny Cowspotdogs said...

we have both - a letter lady and a letter man - the lady always comes early and the man always late :)

Collie222 said...

I bet your letter lady will be touched by your gift!

Mark Muller said...

I wish we had such a Miss Donna mail lady too... maybe she has a sister who can bring me my mail? We have the opposite... maybe even the letter ladies are like ying and yang too?

Ranger said...

Yikes..... you forgot ME (for da parade).

Madi and Mom said...

Yummmy day to be a letter carrier. Mom loves that chocolate.
We gave 'Not Earl' a Panera gift card for Christmas....I wish you coulda seen the smile on his face...I think he was stunned.
Hugs madi your bfff

Dory and the Mama said...

We need to get our ladies pictures today so we can get our entry to you this evening or in the morning!! We're on it Frankie!!
Jakey & Bilbo

Jans Funny Farm said...

Yes, those letter ladies deserve some treats. They do such a good job for us.

Kismet said...

We used to love Kim who left dog treats along with the mail. Now we have some bozo who sometimes gets us the mail just before six in the evening. Sometimes, he will cram a package into the box (that is on the main street) rather than have to take it three houses away on the private drive. For that, thanks, Bud.

Murphy said...

Looks like it will be an awesome pawade! Thanks to you boys and the Crabby girls for doing this!

Keep Calm & Bark On!

Murphy & Stanley

Sully said...

You guys are just too good.

Aroo to you,

Sketching with Dogs said...

Miss Donna sounds lovely, what a nice thing to do!
Dip and Elliot x

Sarge said...

Wow, what a great pressie pack for your Miss Donna and her pooch! We gotta love the postal peeps...they bring us such goodies.
Grr and Woof,
Sarge, Police Commish

Two French Bulldogs said...

Oh boy this is going to be some parade
Lily & Edward

Bella Roxy & Macdui said...

No wonder your letterlady loves you! Our letter guy rides a motorbike sometimes we just go out and bark at him.

Tucker and Rayne said...

What a lucky letter lady you have!

Tucker and Rayne said...

What a lucky letter lady you have!

Mitch and Molly said...

Miss Donna and Myah will love your thoughtfulness. You guys are so sweet!

Idaho PugRanch said...

We are looking forward to the parade!!!!
We hardly know our letter person - they come when mom and dad are at work
Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

Whitley Westie said...

I'll just stick to barkin em.

The Army of Four said...

Isn't that nice!?! I think you have a nicer mail carrier than we do.

Cinnamon said...

I just can't wait for the parade to start.
Your mail lady is the best.
xo Cinnamon

Charliedownunder said...

Crikey ..... I won't be at the parade. I couldn't find Enid and I didn't think she'd like it if I went alone. I'll sure be watching everyone else though. You give presents to your mail peeps?? You blokes are the best, aye??
Aunty is a sweetie, Frankie and Ernie ..... you will see when you meet her at the bar. We had a great time at My beach. I just wish she could have stayed longer so we could have shown her all around my part of the world. There's a lot to see here.

Jans Funny Farm said...

We hope you have a good supply of poop bags for the event.

LBJ said...

That is SO sweet. Our mailman is married to an Avon lady, so Mom always makes sure she orders her favorite butt-le bath (sorry Mom we know it's BUBBLE) from her and the really warm slippers that actually keep her feet warm on the hardwood floors in the winter.

Abby Lab

Wallace Wright-Parkin said...

That was super sweet of you guys, I'm sure she loved that little surprise.
Wally & Sammy

M. K. Clinton said...

Our mail carrier changes almost every day! We had one man for years but since he left, it is always a different person. We do appreciate them though. ☺

speedyrabbit said...

What a lovely surprise you did for the letter lady,xx Speedy

Anonymous said...

What a lovely surprise for the letter lady. You boys are kind to give her treats when she is secretly trying to kill you.

Love and licks,

Casey said...

We're so excited about the pawrade! It's going to be pawesome.

Ruby said...

OMD, that is SO SWEET of you guys!!!!! (gets it...SWEET..chocolates...sweet..okays....)
I bets she was so happy and surprised that you thought of her!!! I don't thinks you guys will ever miss a cardie evers!!!
Ruby ♥