Friday, November 22, 2013

50 years ago today....

Frankie and Ernie's Mom here...   This will NOT be a FUN post.    I will NOT be the least bit offended if you choose to NOT read it.

  I remember Fifty Years ago TODAY... like it was Fifty SECONDS ago.    That day is SEARED into my memory.   I can describe everything I was wearing that day.

     I recall sitting in English Class but for the life of me can NOT remember what the lesson was. The door opened and a student walked in with a NOTE that she handed to Mr. Newbrough...     He read it silently then said, "THIS had better NOT be a Joke." and the girl answered, "No Sir.  It is NOT."

    He then looked up and announced,   "OUR PRESIDENT has Just been SHOT."

    After several seconds he stood up and every one of us did the same.   Not a word was spoken.   We just stood there.    After several minutes he asked us to "Please Sit".     We did so and Still you could have heard a pin drop.      That is how we sat until the bell rang and we changed class.
    THE HALLS were SILENT save for the opening and closing of locker doors and the shuffle of feet.

    No one told a building full of High School students to be Silent.  We simply could not speak.  

     It was during the next class period that ANOTHER Note was delivered to the teacher and she read it with a quiver in her voice. "Ladies and Gentlemen...  Our President has been Assassinated in Dallas, Texas.  Please return to your home rooms in preparation for immediate dismissal.
               We were told that we were to assemble in front of the school, as the Flag was lowered to half staff.     One of the band members played Taps.  

     I remember crying and walking home to turn on the television.  Everything seemed so UNREAL.
  It was a SAD time.   One that I will never forget.
Confessions from Yesterday.....    MINE was the TRUE Confession and ERNIE's WAS the FALSE one.
      YES, I (Frankie Furter)  DID embarrass my mom and dad by wearing HER Bra.. when there was COMPANY.        NO... Ernie has NEVER killed a Squirrel.   BUT he would LOVE TO.


Frank The Tank said...

I cant believe that it was 50 years ago today, Mum has been to Dallas and took a tour of the place that the President was shot and was shot from, such a strange feeling there! Mum loves the movie JFK and its always so sad, especially as I'm sure we will never know what really happened!
I knew that the real post was Frankie in the Bra, it must have been so funny to see you wantering around! BOL! Love and licks from your furiend Frank xxxxx

Hailey and Zaphod and their Lady said...

We hope you kill a squirrel some day.

Our Lady and Man, who are a little too young to have personally experienced November 22, 50 years ago, did talk about this on the weekend. They said it is a very tragic thing that has become so much part of North American culture.

Lee and Phod

♥Mona + Sissy + Mommy, too♥ said...

Oh Miss Lana our Mommy cried when she read this post. She still cries when she thinks about it. She was in high school too. When word came the world stopped. Class was dismissed and Aunt Pam wouldn't get on the city bus that took them home and she wouldn't talk to Mommy so they walked 5 miles home crying all the way, with Aunt Pam walking in front of Mommy. What a devastating time that was.

♥♥♥Mona & Prissy

Molly The Wally said...

50 years and it is such a powerful moment in history. A sad day for your country.
Best wishes Molly

Reilly-Denny Cowspotdogs said...

JFK was a little before my time so I don't really have that memory even though I have learnt so much about him since.....but for many of us of english/australian descent I think it was also how we all felt when Princes Diana died.

Mollie said...

50 years ago, such a sad time. We have watched all the films as it was before our time. Everyone will always remember JFK, a wonderful man. I knew I was right with the bra xxooxxxx

Mollie and Alfie

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this post, it is interesting for me to read what people thought and felt at this day. I learnt more from posts and comments about this day than from all tv-documentations I saw or books I read. It's closer now and I understand a lot of things much better. THX again.
You really did the bra-thingy? Please have always a camera on hand, this moments are absoluteley worth to take pictures LOL

stellaroselong said...

OUR mom had almost a similar day at her school also, she was in 5th grade also. It sure doesn't seem like that long ago. It was a sad and confusing time for our country.
We thoughts that bra thing was probably true.
stella rose

Sarge said...

My Dad remembers it so well too. He was on his Navy ship in the Mediterranean and was sitting in the cafeteria when it was announced. They were locked down for national security and stayed at sea for a long time. He had to serve several extra months of duty because of that. Mom has been to the scene of the JfK shooting in Dallas. Said it was very somber.

OMD I remember the bra thingy! BWAR HAR HAR so very funny...and risque too! BOL
Grr and Woof,
Sarge, Pol Comm

Ragdoll Mommy said...

50 years is a long time......

I wasn't even born back then!!


Nico&Anya AND Ragdoll Mommy~

Mitch and Molly said...

Our mom was in 3rd grade when it happened. The silence on the school bus was so eerie. She got home and told her mom what had happened and got in trouble for saying such an awful thing. Gram turned on the TV and realized that mom was telling the truth. It was so sad and the funeral was just heartbreaking. She will never forget!

Dip-Dip and the Bridge said...

It is strange how things like that remain so vivid in your memory.
Lynne x

Madi and Mom said...

Lana...I was (ironically) sitting in Civics class. Truly a sad sad day in our great country.

MOL MOL crazy bra toting Doxie!!
Hugs madi your bfff

Sweet William The Scot said...

I think everyone who was alive that day remembers exactly where they were when they heard the news.
I guessed it was the bra that Frankie was wearing I remember you mentioned it before.
Thanks for being a friend
Sweet William The Scot

Milo Robinson said...

What a tragic thing to have happened :( It must have been terrible :(
Love Milo :)

Idaho PugRanch said...

I also have similar memories. Sitting in 4th grade class when our teacher Mrs. Winters stepped out of the room and came back in crying. She told us what had happened. I remember watching all the news coverage and the funeral on TV
Mom Linda

Pee Es
Great job Frankie, showing off Mom's bra, we guessed right!
Mr Bailey, Hazel & Greta

scotsmad said...

Ernie could dead a squirrel IF he wanted to....., Roxy

SHE was in French, but pretty much the same scenario. Not a day to forget.

XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

Two French Bulldogs said...

What a nice tribute.

Barb said...

I also remember that day like it were yesterday, of course I was not as emotionally involved being an Aussie. I was away for the week end with a girl friend (work mate )and her parents, lying in Bed (being spoilt) listening to the radio and having breakfast, I remember that my first reaction was of fear, not knowing any of the details, we immediatley thought of the cold war, and prayed that it would not lead to another world war, can remember seeing Mrs Kennedy crawling along the back of the car, blood stained images of her at the hospital, but the images of John at his fathers funeral still brings tears to my eyes, It was not only America who lost a Great Man that day,

Noodles said...

Frankie and Ernie's Mom. Yes, we remember the day the President was assassinated even though we were only in elementary school. The tragedy was not lost on us despite our age. We knew the world would never look the same again. We were also watching when Lee Harvey Oswald was shot by Jack Ruby. These are events that shape us as a nation. For that reason alone they must be remembered and observed.
Love Noodles' Mommy #2

Noodles said...

I just noticed I said "we" all through my comment. I have a twin sister. . . it is a habit to see everything in terms of "WE."

STELLA and RORY from Down Under said...

Howdy Mates, our mum was only around 4 at the time and does not remember this event but every time she sees it on television it still sends shock and shivers all over her. So terrible and still so shocking to see.
Mr Frankie, you wore a bra???? OMD.
No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

Bocci said...

What a lovely post. After 50 years, it still seems like a nightmare that I hope to one day wake up from-it still doesn't seem possible, you know?

One of my friends and I had both watched the National Geographic Special about the President's last 24 hours-it was quite well done, and both of us said at the same time: If only it had rained that day! The special noted that the President's limo had a bubble top that would have been up if it were raining-and it had rained that morning and then the skies cleared...

Murphy said...

Mom says she remembers too.

Your Pals,

Murphy & Stanley

Lassiter Chase and Benjamin said...

We know our mommy is old , butt she says she wasnt born yet during JFK times. She remembers learning about it in school - it was devastating to learn about it and see the videos about it. As fur the bra thing,that was classic.

Ruby said...

Moms said she wasn't born yet, butts I don't thinks I believe her cause she's like ANCIENT!!! butts, she has grown up with remembering this amazin' man and President. Gma was especially heartbroken because like JFK, she was Irish Catholic, and seein the furst Irish Catholic President was a true honor, and seein' him assassinated was a true horror.

I just knew I was right abouts the confessions!!! BOL
Ruby ♥

Bouncing Bertie said...

So interesting to read this post. I am just a little to young to remember the assassination, although many friends in the UK, just a year or two older than me, do remember when they heard.

LetterstoAndrew said...

Some historic events are just seared into our memories, it's like a flash bulb went off and took a photo, and in that white glaring second everything came into focus and was just burned there.

I was three when JFK was assassinated so I don't have a strong recollection like this, but there have been other events that are clearly marked.

It was a horrible day in our nation's history.