Monday, March 4, 2013


The Rainbow Bridge has called our dear Remington.   

From this day forward we will know that every 28 days...  our Beloved Furend Remington will be Polishing up  the Full Moon for us.   Making it shine EVEN BRIGHTER now that he is Closer to it.
       When we hear THUNDER  we will know that it is our   GENTLE GIANT   enjoying  a rousing game of football, and THAT is What we are hearing.   
       Remington and Beth and Mike had a Wonderful Fun and LOVE filled weekend together.   He went shopping fur things that HE Wanted.  He and Beth and Mike enjoyed that truly special time together.      
        Then the Bridge Called...     
       Thank you Beth and Mike for caring for our furend...  Caring ENOUGH to Lovingly Deliver him to the Bridge.      We are SAD that it came so soon.   We are Thankful that you had the Strength and the LOVE to allow him to begin his trek to the stars.     
       Run FREE and FAST Remington.   
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                                        in honor of our GENTLE GIANT !