Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wild Animals... LOOSE in OUR area...

Hi Everyone, FRANKIE'S MOM HERE....
For those of you NOT in the U.S.... this will come as a total surprise... for Frankie's U.S. friends... It has been on ALL the Major Networks..
Less than 18 miles from our house... a man had an Exotic Animal "FARM". Late Yesterday.. he turned approx. 50 animals Loose and then committed suicide.
THIS is Very Hard for all of us... who are total ANIMAL LOVERS.. to even imagine. The most difficult part is.. all but One Grizzly Bear (NOT NATIVE to OHIO) had to be Killed. These were NOT PETS... and they had NOTHING preventing them from free range.
Our area is very HILLY and we have both FARM and heavy Woodland. This was a catastrophe in the making. No one wanted to have these poor innocent animals killed... but REASON must prevail.. There COULD have been HUMAN Lives lost... were the animals NOT dealt with QUICKLY.
I have actually met this man. He was very nice to deal with... However... he has had some "Issues" in the past few years. He was a two time Decorated Viet Nam Veteran. He Used to be VERY civic minded. Those things do NOT excuse what he did though.
I will tell you that my husband and I have both hunted.. less than 10 miles from where this all went down... it is wild RUGGED country. Those animals could have found cover and evaded capture... yet gotten very close to children who would be waiting for school buses.. IN the Early morning DARK. This had the potential for creating Serious Danger for people in this area. THAT is why I am saying to you... PLEASE do NOT condemn those who were in charge. They simply HAD to put humans before the animals.
I know that I would not want to walk out into my yard and be confronted by a full grown LION or TIGER.
Frankie wants me to tell you that we are having strong storms in our area and will have for another day.. and then we are going to the PUMPKIN SHOW on Friday... he misses all of his friends and will TRY to get to talk with you on Saturday or Sunday.
THANK you for being so nice to my darling boy. Sincerely, Frankie's PROUD MOM.


Mr. Pip said...

I had no idea this was so close to you. How terrible for everyone involve and yes, this was a situation where there was no perfect solution and life and death decisions had to be made.

When I was reading about this situation earlier today I was feeling quite angry towards the man who let the animals loose ...but now that I know he was a Vietnam veteran with some "issues" I do feel some compassion for him - though I HATE what he did, of course. My father is a combat veteran so I have seen first hand the cruel after-effects of war.

Most of all, I feel for the animals. From what I read, their living conditions were horrid. They did not deserve any of this. I hope they are at peace now ...

Stay safe! Thanks for your insight on this tragedy.


Hound Girl said...

I didnt know that you were that close to it. I saw about it on facebook. Im glad to know that you are ok.

Thank you for bringing up such a good point. Please do not condemn the people in charge - they have to put human life ahead of pets.

I hope yall stay safe through the storms.

♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

We thought of you immediately when we heard this story this morning. We had no clue you would be so close. We totally understand that what has been done HAd to be done. We are very sorry for the man who felt this was what he had to do - so sad for anyone to be in that state of mind.

We fully support those who handled this situation in the only rational way.

We are very glad to hear that you are all fine.

Woos, the OP Pack Mom

The Slimmer Puggums and the mamas said...

Me and the puggums are just so glad that you all are safe. I was a bit mad...not with the cops that did what they thought was right...but if the man must have committed suicide...couldn't he have just called the cops and told them where he lived and that he had exotic animals on property and that he was taking his life within minutes of hanging up the phone so that it might have been possible for other "rescuers" that rescue exotics could have come to retrieve the animals and given them a good rest of their lives. Argh! Of course, the man wasn't in his right mind when he killed himself so why should I wish that he would have had the common sense to call the cops about his animals prior to death? I guess I just wish life was easier for everyone and killing one's self didn't seem like the right option especially when you care for other souls.
I'm sad...just thinking about what drove the man to do this terrible act to himself and made him think it was okay to unleash caged exotic animals on innocent people.
I agree with the others that I didn't realize you were so close to the action of it all. Again, glad you are safe and I will now calm down and de-rant! LOL!!
Much love,
Mama Mindy and The Slimmer Puggums

Barbara said...

I can't imagine why he did that, but I can imagine being pushed to the edge by your neighbors.

I heard they killed all but one of the animals - so incredibly sad.

Don't go in your yard until the all clear, Franky.

Shawnee the Shepherd said...

I woz wonnering how close that woz to you, Frankie. Nobody should efur has exotics, it's just not rite fur peeples or fur the animals. And of course the animals pay the price in the end altho they is prolly better off at the bridge. Just not a nice way to get there.

Shane Kent Louis said...

I was really surprise when I read this article frankly , but we're hoping that everything was going fine and settled.

It's all About Pet Fences | Dog Fence

rottrover said...

Oh Frankie! We're so glad that you are no longer in danger. You would just be a snack for one of those big kittehs.

-Bart and Ruby

Erika and Blair,xoxo said...

Oh my goodness Frankie, Mom and I were reading about this and had no idea that you lived so close. Glad to hear that you are okay! It was very sad for the animals but sometimes you have to act fast and it doesn't always mean that everyone will agree with what is done.

Two French Bulldogs said...

We heard about it Frankie. That is nutty... hope they find the monkey soon
Benny & Lily

Maggie Mae said...

Mom and me was wondering how close all of dat was to you. Happy dat all of you is OK but sad for the man who killed himself and for all of the animals dat died.

Stay safe my furiends.

Woofs and Licks,
Maggie Mae

houndstooth said...

I knew that was really close to you, and I'm glad to hear from you to know that you're all okay! It sounds like a horrible tragedy all around. I heard that a few leopards or jaguars were captured and taken to a zoo and the rest of the animals killed. Nobody will ever really understand what was going on in this man's head when he did what he did, but I am glad that at least it's over, albeit with a very tragic ending for some innocent lives.

Rubie said...

Yes even we heard this news on our radios and TV's this morning. I must admit, I did wonder why the animals were not darted and recaptured (at least the rare tigers etc) - but you have explained and it all makes perfect sense now.

xx to all,

Rubie's mum.

Jazzi said...

this was so tragic and sad situation but I am glad that your family is safe Frankie!!
Have fun at the pumpkin show!

Jazzi and Addy

Princess Jasmine said...

We hadn't heard about this in the UK. That is such a sad story, both for the animals and the poor man who was obviously not in his right mind. We are so glad that nobody got hurt and the police saved the area from an even worse senario. OMC, it has just come on our breakfast news! Sending special hugs xxxx

Bouncing Bertie said...

Frankie, that is a terrible story all round. We had not heard about it over here in the UK.
Please stay safe.
Toodle pip!

scotsmad said...

We saw that on the news. It's so sad that those animals were released. It was a disaster waiting to happen.

XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

Pibble said...

Oh, Frankie. I heard all about this, and didn't realize this was your neck of the woods. So sad. So many beautiful animals who shouldn't have been in this man's possession. It's terrible what happened.

Anonymous said...

Good grief what a terrible debacle. On a happy side, I did read that some of the Bengal Tigers were recaptured and not killed. Tiny silver lining butt at least there is one.

Good luck with the storms. Hope your electricity stays on!

Waggin at ya,

Kevin Newman said...

What a terrible tragedy, but thank you for highlighting what's going on..

Daddy and I had just seen a photo and were very confused!


Ruby and Penny said...

Hi MomL
What a sad situation. We heard about this on CTV. This man had a mental illness and was not making sane choices.
We understand that the animals posed a danger to humans and would expect our law officials to protect us in the same manner as yours protected you.
Love you & are glad that you are ok.
Ruby, Penny & momJ

♥Mona + Weenie + Mommy, too♥ said...

Oh Frankie!! We were so sad when we heard about what happened. All those poor animals that had to die BUT it had to be done for safety's sake. It would have been even more tragic had a child been killed. So happy your safe.

Sniff ya later...Weenie

Finn said...

Wow, glad you are safe - didn't realize here how close you were to that area! Have fun at the show this weekend!

Amber DaWeenie said...

We thought about you guys immediately as it came on here in our area as "Breaking News Headlines". I got online and looked at a map of Ohio and saw that it was awfully close. Did they ever catch the monkey? The news last night said they were concerned because they thought the monkey might be carrying a disease. It's terrible that this had such a tragic ending but we can see why there wasn't any other choice. Those animals were probably very hungry too.

HoundDogMom said...

We knew you were in Ohio but really didn't realize just a mere 18 miles from this. This was horrible but I understand what the authorities were faced with. You explained it very well and thanks for sharing some history of the man. Glad you all are okay and have fun at the Pumpkin Patch. Sniffs, The HoundDogs

Three Dogs Long said...

Beleive it or not, but we have read this story's all over the news and the internet.

(((Hugs)) your friends
Oskar, Schatzi & Xena

Anonymous said...

Wow! I never thought this was so close to you all. My mom was feeling so bad for those animals and wondering if there was any way they coulda NOT killed them. So we thank you for letting us know the real story you don't read abouts on the internets. I sure wish that man hadn't let all those animals loose cuz they would prolly still be alive. I just feel sad for the whole entire situation.


Corbin said...

I had a feeling this was close to you... mom heard about it yesterday. We heard they were able to capture some of the big cats and take them to a zoo... We feel terrible for those beautiful animals and their lost lives, but also understand the severity of the situation and that there wasn't much of another choice... Glad you're safe!

Cheryl, Indiana, Shingo and Molly said...

Wow!! We had no idea that all of that was so close to you!! We're glad that no one was hurt. It's so sad about the animals, but there was no good solution to the problem. Can't wait to hear all about the pumpkins!

Woofs and Kisses!
The Fiesty Three

Noodles said...

I am so glad you are safe. I just KNEW someone I am FURiends with was near this whole big catastrophe! OMD, thanks for jumping into Blogville and keeping us informed. It was really sad that all of those animals had to be killed but as you said - how could any human or pet be safe with lions, bears, etc wandering in the 'hood.
Love Noodles

Ginger Jasper said...

We saw thison sky news and thought of those poor animals but yes common sense had to prevail because of humans that could have been injured or worse killed. Just so sad that it had to come to this. Didnt realise you were so close and stay safe.. Hugs GJ xx

road-dog-tales said...

We did read about this disaster. It's a sad situation all the way around. We're glad you are safe. We've had several emails about petitions asking for new laws against keeping "exotic" animals so that this kind of thing won't happen again. Thanks for sharing this with us.

The Road Dogs

Schnauzer Days said...

Hi Frankie's Mum, Dex and Lou's Mum here. We may be in the UK but it is also all over the news here. I was just so sad seeing what a sad end to the story, it's not my place to judge anyone, I wouldn't dream of it, I just feel sad for the animals who had no choice in their lives and for the man who was obviously very troubled. We're glad you are all safe and well anyway, hope you all have a great time at the Pumpkin Fair, that sounds great! Di xxx

Boondocks Love Shack Pack said...

So glad you are all safe. Such a tragic situation.

Boondocks & The Love Shack Pack

Sagira said...

Frankie, we have been thinking about you during all of this and wondered how far you were from it all. Talk about a crazy day huh? I am happy that they caught all the animals but very sad that they all had to give their lives except 6 of them who are now at the Columbus Zoo. I couldn't imagine knowing a bear was that close to my home I would have been scared to death as well. I am glad that you are all safe and sound. Your little town of Zanesville is now famous...sad it was such a horrible event to bring this to the front though. But hopefully some of the Ohio laws will get changed so that we don't have this happen anymore. I don't know if we are going to make it to the Pumpkin show or not, not looking like we are right now so have a Pumpkin donut for me. :)

kissa-bull said...

we are so sad for all involved.its heartbreaking really.

Bocci said...

Even we didn't realize how close you were! Thanks for writing this piece and letting us know that you and our dear Mayor are O.K.
. Given the circumstances, the area, time that it happened (just before nightfall, etc), I think that unfortunately, they did the right thing. But it breaks my heart to say that. What I said on my blog is that this person should not have been allowed under the law to own these animals-such gorgeous wild creatures are not pets. 21 states already ban such ownership-I hope Ohio follows suit!

P.S. Hope you enjoy the pumpkin show!

Jed and Abby in MerryLand said...

We've been following this and wondered if it were close to you. What a terrible, terrible situation. We're glad no peeps or doggies or kittehs were hurt. We're so very sorry for the wild animals, who by all accounts were not well cared for while alive and then suffered such senseless deaths. What a waste.

Mama comes from a military family. She lost her husband in Viet Nam. Guys with PTSD, if that's what he had, almost 40 years after his war was over have NO BUSINESS collecting wild animals! Of course, nor does anyone else who doesn't have the finances and specialized training to properly provide for them. Mama has no patience with this "I'm free to do whatever I want with no regard for the safety of anyone else" attitude.

Anyway, we're glad it's safe [if not dry] for you to go outside and enjoy your estate again.

Jed & Abby

Mango said...

Much as it pains me, I believe that putting down those animals was the right thing to do. I heard the police interviewed on the radio and the interviewer asked why they did not just tranquilize the animals. He responded that they had to act before the animals got any closer to places where they could hurt people. I agree. They did what they had to do.

The whole thing breaks my heart. What a sad person that man must have been to take his own life.

Mango Momma

Anonymous said...

Gosh Mr. Frankie, Mom read an article about this and we were upset to hear about it. We didn't realize that you were so near there! We were very sad to hear about the poor animals because it wasn't their fault, but we understand that the animals might not have known that hurting peoples or pets is a bad idea. We are very glad you and your family and everyone are safe!

My grandma and grandpa knew some nice people who had tigers and other animals and there were special inspectors who came lots of times to see that the animals had good mamas and daddies and were happy and well taken care of and had plenty of meats to eat. Mom says it takes tons and tons of works and times and patience to take care of exotic animals pawperly because they are big and have to eat a lot and even when you are their very own mama or daddy person they might still want to eat you. Even though that tiger lived in the house with his mama and daddy when he was a baby, once he moved to his speshul enclosure they could never turn their back on him or he would pounce. The lady showed Mom and Grandma when they were visiting, she turned her back on the enclosure and the tiger certainly did run and jump on the fence, and his paws didn't make a sound when he ran even though he was terribly big!

Mom suffers from bipolar disorder so we know that mental illness is very difficult. It's so impawtant that people who are having problems know that someone luvs them and that there is lots of help available, and that there are people who do understand how they feel.