Saturday, August 13, 2011

BACK to SCHOOL Blogville Bash...

Would you like a SLURP from a REAL Manly Man??? see deTAILS below V

Well, here are the Fun Activities we have lined up fur Sept. 3,4, & 5th.
This Blogville Event is..(as ALWAYS.. open to ALL fur Folks... Cats, Dawgs, horses,Hammies, Donkeys, and even our Feathered furends. We Do NOT discriminate in Blogville... ALL are WELCOME and WANTED)

I just got this in... I think Jazzi is gonna hostess a... Back to School Lunches thingy... where YOU show a pic of what YOU have in YOUR Lunch Box or Bag.

Finn is gonna hostess the FLOWER SHOW this time.
Sammy Andy and Shelly are gonna do the BUG/Creepy Crawly House... Ewwwwww(NOTE:PLEASE.. no Snakes in the Bug/Creepy Crawly House SAS are TOO creeped out by them.)

Dachsies with Moxie are gonna host the POOL Pawty

and... the Road Dawgs are gonna host the BOUNCE HOUSE.

Classes so far:
Sugar is gonna give a Wally Melon Recipe Class

Benny and Lily are gonna give a French Class

Dory is gonna put on a Class called Squirrel Chasing 101

We really need a Phys. Ed.. Agilities type class.. and maybe a Sit and Stay too.

and I (Frankie Furter) am gonna put on a PAWlitical Science class

We gotta get ourselves in the Back to School/end of Summer Mood..
Would YOU like to host/hostess a CLASS or some other FUN event?? Email me at
Frankiefurter(at)wildblue(dot)NET ****and be sure to give me your Blog Addy and Email Addy..********* especially if you are wantin to have Pictures sent to you.
I will be putting the email addies up in a day or so... as I update...
Remember... the more activities/lectures we have.. the MORE FUN WE HAVE!!

Would someone LIKE to do a REPTILE/snakes house????
NOTE: All of these activities are totally FREE to enter. Free FREE FUN!!!
Now fur the Auction Info:

The Bidding BEGINS on Monday Aug. 15th. and we still REALLY REALLY need Items.
you can email pics and description to Oskar hoerauf(at)comcast(dot)NET for right now.
You can look at the site at
The Auction will END on Aug. 28th..

As one of the SIDE activities for the Auction we will be having a STICK OUT YOUR TONGUE thingy. PLEASE send picture(s) and include your Name to hoerauf(at)comcast(dot)NET TOTALLY FREE to get your picture in... BUTT, we are doing a FUN thingy.. you can BUY a SLURP from your favorite Kitty or Dawg or Hammie.. that is shown... fur just $1.00. AND there will be a SMALL PRIZE.. fur the one who gets the MOST SLURPS. Soooooo get those TONGUE PICTURES in... and be ready fur some FUN!!! Remember it is FREE to get your picture in the Slurp Contest... Wanna get Slurped??? Doesn't Everybuddy???
The Slimmer Pugs are ALWAYS ALWAYS there fur those in need.. soooooo let's be there fur them.
PLEASE PLEASE advertise this a bit on your blog.. if pawsible.


Alasandra, The Cats and Dogs said...

What fun, we can't wait to come to the party.

We will look around and see how we can help. ~Fenris & his cats

Scooter said...

Hey Frankie!
Wow, this will all be sooooo much fun! And it sure makes me feel good all over to be involved and help my furiends.
Hey, I think for Labor Day I'll have a Monk Mock event!! Send me your bestest funny faces or scary faces and we'll all mock those evil chipmunks!! I'll post about it tomorrow.
Hey, I sent a donation to the auction too!
Grr and Woof,
Sarge, COP

The Daily Pip said...

This is going to be SO MUCH fun! I am thinking maybe I should host the physical fitness class since everyone knows I am a such an athletic dog!

Your pal, Pip

The Adventures of the LLB Gang said...

We can't WAIT for the big party!!!

Dory, Jacob & Bilbo

SASS....Sammy Andy Shelly Sierra said...

You are such a handsome dude, Frankie......we love you so very much.

We are excited about the Back to School Bash!!!!!!!!!

sprinkles said...

The blog world is buzzing with excitement over this event.

Bella Roxy & Macdui said...

We thought the bark in the park was a huge event, but this looks bigger.

XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

Two French Bulldogs said...

This sounds like a whole lotta fun
Benny & Lily

Golden Woofs! SUGAR said...

Woof! Woof! Golden Hello! Passing by to say Lots of Golden Thanks for your Barkday Wishes. I had a PAWSOME 10th Barkday! Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

it will be a busy fun weekend. so much going on ... Golden Woofs

Mack said...

This is gonna be pawsome!!