Saturday, June 18, 2011

More Picnic FUN...

OKAY.... Blogville we need to announce that due to technical difficulties (aka Puddles' gettin LIQUID spilled on her keyboard...) we are gonna have to cancel the Sack RACE...
AND the Dunk TANK...

BUTT.... would you like to have ANOTHER Picnic in the Bark... late next month or EARLY August?? If so... we could always do the Dunk Tank and Sack Race then. Please let us know what you think!!!!

Here are the LINKS fur the Picnic... I just HOPE that there are no more... "incidents" in or around the Emergency Furst Aid Tent today!!! I think Nurse Maggie Mae will be wearing Plain... LOOSE FITTING Scrubs today... And in the future!!!

Now I'm not pointing paws at Fenris... butt.. WELL darn buddy.. you are gonna have to start practicing... impulse control. hehehe

ALSO... due to the very much... GRAPHIC nature of the BUG HOUSE... If you Girrrrrls and you Young'uns need somebuddy to walk through with you.. just let us know. I don't want any more FAINTING PUG'UMS on my paws.

I had to escourt so many girrrrrls through there yesterday.. that I ended up going to the Butterfly House.. THREE times fur quick naps and mentals calming. I'm just sayin.
Fenris The Flower Show

Oskar Bug House

Sarge Bobbing for Tube Steaks Contest

Mollie Jo Fashion Show & Announcement of Raffle Winners

Bertie Water Related Science Experiments

Road Dogs Bounce House- 25 cent donation to Charlie per post left today and Saturday

Mr. Pip Brat & Beer Tent

Shawnee Blogville Ampy Theater special movie

Wyatt Presentation by Blogville's Secretary of Agriculture

Ronnii Watermelon Eating Contest

Uji Watermelon Eating Contest

Sugar Golden Recipes

Slimmer Puggums Grand Prize Winner revealed on Monday!!


scotsmad said...

Poor Puddles. She hasn't had to miss the whole picnic, has she?

We've been having a fantastic time at the picnic. Bella and kendra DID hit heads in the Bouncy thing; but it didn't require medical attention!

XXXOOO Daisy, kendra & Bella

Mr. Pip said...

Hey Frankie - there's a condensed version of both the dunk tank and sack race up at the pawsofpeace.blogspot(dot)com.

Your pal, Pip

Anonymous said...

Bummer Puddles! Wonderin what kind of liquid spilled on the keyboard BOL! ;P
Hope it dries soon! :D

Waggin at ya,

Momma Tea (also Ronnii and Uji whose open ids wont work) said...

Poor Puddles, her nots havin much luck wiv her keyboard, maybe mee should fly her mini admirerer ova to see her .
Wee is goin away at da beginnin ov August butt is happy to helps out anyova time ifs yoo wants any helps Mr Mayor.
Did is da most funs isn't it, Uji bounced so much at da Road dogs him was sick whne him got off and him took some cute bug pics dat Oskar putts up. All the yummy noms at Pips and mee still has lots to checks out today.
Busy Busy Busy as dem Hoo-mans say


Zona said...

Poor Puddles. I think another picnic would be PAWSOME! I've been visiting the events but mom was too "busy" to let me enter this time. BOO! I bet next time I can guilt her into it! Hehe...


notcathy said...

Wow, that was PAWESOME picnic.. She's cute.. :) I must suggest to put your pet's a harness for their protection specially in any outdoor activities.

road-dog-tales said...

We're sorry to hear about Puddles "liquid" troubles. That covers a lot of territory, eh? But we're missing her terribly! And she's missing all the fun!

But there is lots of fun and excitement going on and we're hoping to at least snag a brat sometime today. That bughouse gave us some weird dreams last night! But the flowers were magnificent! Wow, there's just so much to see and do! What a fabulous picnic!!!

The Road Dogs

Amber DaWeenie said...

Poor Puddles....Next time maybee she won't PEE on da keyboard!

Anudder pick-nick would be pawsome. I couldn't part-is-i-pate too much dis time cause of my recent va-k-shun and also da fact dat da same peeps (and dogs) we went to see in Michigan are comin' here to my house dis week for almost 3 weeks. So I be tied up again. :o(

(Sorry I farted (I mean fainted) in da bug house!

Sagira said...

Aww...was looking forward to those events. But will be fun to watch all this happen again later on