Saturday, May 14, 2011

Prize Pressie from SHAWNEE

Now I entered Shawnee's grrrrreat contest to guess which State Bark she was taking her mom to.... AND I (Frankie Furter) guessed RIGHT!!!! My Prize Pressie came the other day.... before the day of No Blogger... Here I am ... getting it open.
There were these grrrreat mesh baggies fur my mom to take to the grocery store and put fruits and veggies in... NO PLASTIC... THESE are reusable.

AND... see the blue thingy that Looks like a ball.... well it isn't. It is a reusable shopping bag.. and it rolls up all neat and tidy and EARTH FURENDLY. NO PLASTIC fur the landfills and stuffs.

I am allllllllll about the REDUCE... REUSE... and RECYCLE STUFFS.

BUTT WAIT..... IT WAS NOT all fur my mom.... Shawnee put this grrrreat new squeaky stretchy stuffie toy in there just fur ME..(Frankie Furter).

THANK YOU SHAWNEE....... I truly LOVE it ALL. Mom put her bag thingys in Jennifer the Jeep... all safe and READY fur the next trip off my hill fur groceries!!

PeeS.... did you see my post from YESTERDAY??? I didn't know WHO ordered my caricature from Mr. John LaFree when I put the post up.... BUTT... by beautiful WIVES confessed!!!

I am just sooooooo stunned beclaws he is from Columbus and I believe that I actually SAW him at the PetExpo back in March. Now HOW in the world Ruby and Penny found him... I have no idea... THEY are very much... ornery and sneaky and WONDERFUL.

Sooooo THANK YOU by Beautiful WIVES.. fur the Fangtastic Pressie!! You two just Blow me Away and make me the HAPPIEST HUBBY IN THE WHOLE UNIVERSE!!! I am the mostest LUCKY guy there ever was or will be.



Mango said...

That blogger thing was weird, yuh. Great pressies.


Sarge said...

Hey Frankie!
Wow, what great Earth friendly pressies. Those are great for shopping. Love that new toy too! Did you kill it yet?? I saw your pressie from the wimmin and it is just amazing. Great artist!
Grr and Woof,
Sarge, COP

Mack said...

Wow - those are some great pressies you and your mom got!!!
And yes, Blogger was a total butt this week!
PS: That drawing of you is AWESOME!!

♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

Great pressies from Shawnee. We would love to be able to go on the exciting hikes Shawnee does with Mom.

And we also figured that beautiful caricature was from your sweet wives - very thoughtful ladies.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

Kari in WeHo said...

that orange toy sure looks like fun!


road-dog-tales said...

Looks like you had a great week, loot wise, Frankie! Excellent pressies from Shawnee, the Recycle Queen!

You and your wives spoil each other rotten - as it should be :)

The Road Dogs

tula said...

woo are packing in the pressies! cool earth furriendly stuffs.. and good idear to keep it in the car. my bean always furgets.


Jazzi said...

What great gifts Frankie and your picture was soo cute yesterday!! Yes, you do have some wonderful wives there~~they are keepers fur sure!!

Jazzi and Addy

Julia Williams said...

Very nice presents Frankie, and your caricature is beautiful!!! Of course, how could it not be given that the subject, your highness, is so darn handsome!!

sprinkles said...

You get much better mail than I do, Frankie! Most of mine these days is just junk and bills. Wanna trade? bol

Congrats on your great prize.

So the blogger thing - was it just down one day? Because I tried to log in on Wednesday and got a message that blogger was unavailable so I didn't do my Wordless Wednesday post. And then it was down Thursday too. I couldn't log on until Friday afternoon.

I got comments on Wednesday afternoon and wondered how other people could access blogger but I couldn't. When I tried to approve them from my email on Friday afternoon, it said none of those comments existed. It was very weird.

Shawnee the Shepherd said...

Oh Frankie, I just knowed that orange would look so pawsome next to your furs and it duss! Glad you liked you pressies and that they finally gotted there. I think the postal office and blogger woz in cahoots coz the postal laydee sayed to mom you would get it last Monday and it woz LATE! Like blogger. Oh wot is a dog to do?

Anonymous said...

OMD you made out like a bandit! Wow hoo.

Your Mom got some pawsome earth friendly pressies too! What wonderful pressies too!

I just love your new stuffie, it sure looks fun to play with.

woo woos, Tessa

Ruby and Penny said...

We love ya to Frank!
Ruby & Penny

K9 Katastrophie said...

Hi Frankie, I am thinking for now we will have the EAC meetings about once a month. I saw the picture from your wives! It looks very much like you! What an awesome pressie!! And even more prssies from Shawnee?! You spoiled Doxie!


houndstooth said...

You got some great presents! Shawnee really knows how to shop!

houndstooth said...

You got some great presents! Shawnee really knows how to shop!

Amber DaWeenie said...

Wow...dose are nice pressies....Shawnee is purrty neet! And, yes, your wives luv you...:o)

K9friend said...

Congrats, Frankie! Those are some terrific pressies. And I love the picture posted yesterday of you in all your handsomeness!


Mr. Pip said...

Oh those bag things are great. My mom wants some for her produce, too. Keeping them in the jeep is smart. It is so easy to forget them at home (so I am told).

Your pal, Pip

Sagira said...

Those recycle items are very nice.

I'm so jealous, we LOVE that toy but destroyed out. We had a purple and an orange one and played with it for hours and hours.

Your wives sure are super!

♥MONA + MOMMY TOO♥ said...

Great squeaky stetchey toy. Me and Sissy got one like that but it got killed real fast. They had a 75% off sale of plush toys in the gift shop at the hosptial where Mommy works yesterday and she bought 5 for a totol of $14.60 only and Mommy said we can have then but not all at once cuase we'll kill them too. Myabe she'll let us show them on a post tomorrow.

I hope if Shelby and Milly want to marry me, they love me as much as Ruby and Penny do you.

See ya....Weenie

Anonymous said...

Yeah! GO GREEN!!! All right Frankie! Way to be PROGRESSIVE! Okay enough of the tree hugging kudos ;P

Great pressies my furiend :)

Good to see you! Didn't know how much I would miss you until Blogger blacked out! ;P

Waggin at ya,

the booker man said...

hihi mr. frankie!

what a cool pressie from miss shawnee! my mama loooves those reusable produce baggies! that is such a grrreat idea. she's gonna go look and see if she can find them at the store!
i saw your cartoony pic, and that is really super duper awesome sauce!! it looks just like you!! i gotta woof, though, i just KNEW it had to be from your wives, especially since you had your mrs. ruby 'n mrs. penny tag in the pic. teehee. :)

the booker man

pee s -- i didn't even think about the fact that blogger was all sickies and it was friday the 13th! spooky!!