Sunday, January 9, 2011

Please check my Accuracy...

Checking out ... who still wants to be in The Blogville Cabinet....

After the November Election... where Puddles and I Ran un-opposed Fur Governor and Mayor, I began lookin into who might fill cabinet pawsitions. I tired to match skills and interests with thingys we might need or want. Well so many of you asked to take cabinet spots... that I kinda ran out of ideas and finally asked if there was some pawsition you might like to fill.

(that is how Cabinet pawsitions get filled you know, either by being Asked by the pawlitition or by Volunteering)

All pawsitions are Voluntary and Honary, BTW.

Now before Ronnii and Richie and their Momma Tea spend a lot of time and energy making everybuddy's badges fur them.... would you please look (BELOW) to see if you STILL Wish to SERVE Blogville as a Cabinet Member in the pawsition that I have you in. IMPORTANT: Ronnii and Richie need a Picture fur each badge... they need to know that it is OK with you, fur them to SNAG a pic from your BLOG... they don't want to "take without permission".

Here are the pawsitions and the potential appointees that I recall .... If I accidently missed you..... Please let me know!!! I did this from memory... which is not always up to par. hehehe
Shawnee the Shepard... Parks and Recreation
The Road Dogs... Travel and Tourism
Sarge... Chief of Police
Khyra... Street and Sidewalk Inspection and Winter Appreciation
Mango & Dexter ... Physical Education and Mentals Stimulation
Remington... Magistrate
Minna Krebs/LUCY ... Welcome Wagon
Slimmer Pugs and JD & Max ... Help and Humane Services
Norwood... Amphibian Location and Investigation
Jazzi... Squirrel Containment & Taco Procurement
Ronnii & Richie... Signs & Badges

I will be taking E-Mail responses only.. fur privacy purposes.

Please E-mail frankiefurter(AT)wildblue(DOT)NET with your wishes.
Frankie Furter

PeeS.... For Minna Krebs/Lucy's Eyes Only.... Do you want to keep the grrrrreat badge that you made or do you want one from Ronnii and Richie?