Saturday, December 4, 2010

Pencil Vane E Ah State PoPo's In Terror Gay Shun

Here is your daily Snowman fix. This is one of my Candy Canes.. They are really starting to grow. I'm thinkin that along about Feb. I'll be harvesting a BUMPER crop. I'm already lookin fur some outlet fur sellin em.
Now let me tell you... I think THIS is what Saved ME and also Puddles Duddles Barrel Butt when the PoPo were here. I kept distractin em with comments about... IT . That is what I call this thingy. It is down in my dad's Den thingy. I like to tell him to take me down to see IT. ... Butt I digress. Frank & Beans just couldn't concentrate on their In Terror Gay Shun of me fur thinkin about.... IT. In Fact.. It was soooooo bad that PoPo Frank never quite got with it. That was REALLY good beclaws...
I'm thinkin that Big Frank was gonna play the BAD PoPo and Beans was certainly the GOOD PoPo. Whew.

"No sir, I have NEVER EVER seen that girrrrrl up here on my hill. I swear I haven't Mr. PoPo Beans." "Now Little Frank, you turn around here and take a Closer look. Are you SURE you have never seen her? We have heard a LOT of things about HER and we SUSPECT her of doing some... THINGS."

"Ummmmmmm No SIR Mr. PoPo Beans, I really do not recall EVER seeing your suspect up here. Honest. Hey, don't you want to go down and help Mr. Big Frank look at ... IT ? Did I mention to you that I (Frankie Furter) am the Mayor of Blogville??? Mayor Guys Never FIB or anything. Did I just here PoPo Frank calling for you??? You should go and have another Look at IT before you have to make that LONG drive back to Pencil Vane E Ah. Come on, Follow me. We can look at IT together. You can just leave that picture right there. OK???
"All Right Little Frankie, Butt we had better not get any reports of... Stuff . We KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE."
Boy am I ever glad that BIG FRANK was all fixated on IT and couldn't start being the Bad PoPo and doing Horrible IN TERROR GAY SHUNS of me... This was bad enough. I am afraid I just might have caved in and DIMED poor ... you know who .. out.

ENOUGH of the SCARY stuffs. I got good stuffs to tell now. This is the picture that they have chosen to put in the POST OFFICE Magazine for Ohio. I am sooooo glad beclaws it is MY favorite of the bunch. I know some of you had trouble telling us apawt yesterday sooo My beloved Miss Pattie the Letter Lady is the one with glasses on. I am the one with my Paws on the Pressie Package.
And guess what... I got a Christmas card today from: sammie, avalon, and ozzie. It has their picture on it... Just like everybuddy elses... X-cept fur MINE... beclaws my mom is a DORK.
PeeS Miss Kathy Lucas is the lady who is writing the story about Miss Pattie and Me(Frankie Furter) for the BuckeyeBriefing Magazine. I won't be allowed to post the WHOLE Magazine, just the Pawt about Miss Pattie and Me.
PeePeeS.... WHEW... was I ever glad when the Pencil Vane E Ah PoPo left. I was sooooo nerfus and stuffs that I thought I would Pee at any moment. Beans may not Look it butt Trust Me... He is HOOOOOOOGE. Butt guess what else... My Dad and Mom Wanted them to STAY HERE. Gasp!!! They kept sayin what wonderful SWEET (mom's word) FINE fellas and stuffs. They even WANT them to COME BACK.
Tucker put up a post Yesterday that you simply MUST go see. It is just soooooo creative.


scotsmad said...

Man Frankie, you're just being sucked into that Puddle vortex. Great diversion tactics!

Can't wait for the Magazine story.

XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

Zona said...

Looks like the countdown clock is done. Yay!!

Great work distracting the PoPo! He does look pretty big compared to you!!


Maggie Mae said...

OoH Frankie,

I luvs da picture of you and Miss Pattie, good choice! Thanks fur not cavin' on you know who with the Po-Po too. :) Happy Saturday my furiend!

Woofs and Licks,
Maggie Mae

Mr. Pip said...

I have never seen that dog in the photograph either, ever, really I don't know who she is, never saw her before in my life. That's my story and I am sticking to it.

Your pal, Pip

Sarge said...

Hey Frankie!
Great job at resisting and being non-compliant. Dad says that's what the po-po call it when someone won't fess-up and spill what they know. Obviously, your cover has saved Puddles' barrell-like butt. She owes you one. BTW, congrats on your famous self for the post office article. I'll want your pawtograph next time we get together! Great fun!
Grr and Woof,

Fiona, as typed by Dr. Liz said...

Great job at giving away nothing more than name, rank and serial number (or is that dog tag number? I forget)!!! Way to protect Ms. Puddles!

*kissey face*
-Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Tucker's post was khwite the wiener - I mean WINNER!


K-9 Katastrophe said...

What? Did I miss something? I don't understand! What happend!? What does Puddles have to do with this?


Those Elgin Pugs said...

'da Josie wits k-9 katastrophe.. Josie try to leave funny comment, butt have no idea what to say??

Are you all talking in code?? Josie not get 'da memo...
Josie's old.. can you be more clear??

'dis is getting confusing.. Josie tinks 'da major has some more spainling too do!

Josie Posie

Amber DaWeenie said...

Fwankie, is you sure dem popo guys weren't really after you fur growing all dem canes and snowguys in your yard? Oh, in dat first picture of you, you sure has a guilty "I done it" look on da face. HaHaHeHe

The Teacher's Pets said...

I just love the picture of you and the letter lady! Thanks for pointing out who was Miss Pattie and who was Frankie because I had a hard time figuring out who was who! Heeeeheee!

sprinkles said...

Good job distracting those PoPo's, Frankie. I'll bet they never suspected a thing!

How can you tell when those candy canes are ready to harvest? They already look pretty big.

3 doxies said...

Oh kitteh kat crap...da popo has MY foto!!!!!!! Dat not good Frankie. Thanks fur not givin' me up in da heat of da moment....I still haves my disguise on and I even sleep in it nows.
I am amazed at hows much you and Patti look alike. Thanks fur pointing her out.


Sagira said...

Pheww...glad that you stayed strong during the questioning Frankie. :)