Thursday, April 2, 2009


You will have to look at the pictures from the bottom to the top. The very bottom is of me going up the sidewalk to the nursing home. Then I am getting closer. Finally you can see me at the door. (Pee S. Those are my mom's feet reflected in the door.) I went there to do a very much good thing for the people. The next pictures show me with some of the very nice people and the lady who was helping me learn my job there. She was very much nice to me. I think her name is Miss Diane. I tried to do everything she wanted me to. It was a GRRRReat day. When we left there I felt very much good about myself. I sat on 16 people's laps today. I will show you some more pictures some other day.
Mom had a bunch of papers to read and write on. She really liked this stuff that was on the bottom of one of them.
It was said a long time ago by a man named John Wesley. This is what he said.
Do all the good you can
By all the means you can
In all the ways you can
In all the places you can
To all the people you can
As long as you ever can.
It may not show up here the way it is supposed to. It should be one line for every set of these. But anyway you will get the idea of what J. Wesley had to say. I like it. Mom likes it too.
BUTT WAIT... THAT ISN'T EVEN ALL OF WHAT I DID TODAY. I also bought another big 50# bag of dog food for the shelter. I delivered it, and some of my pretty new toys, for the sad and frightened dogs.
It may have been April First... Butt it was very much important day for me.
When I got home I went outside and just ran and ripped and dug holes and just celebrated pure Dachshund Happiness.


Ruby and Penny said...

You're such a good man Frankie.
Keep making everybody smile.
Love Ruby & Penny

Frankie Furter said...

Hi R. & P. Your wish is my command.
How is the snow situation now? You won't believe what my mom did today. She washed windows inside and out. What a wild mean woman she is at times.

Barb said...

Dear Frankie,
this is Barney's Mum , we are both so proud of you, you have come such a long way from the very frightened little dog your mom and dad picked up . You even had to go in Jennifer to learn how to be a pet for therapy dog. You look so brave walking up to that door almost all by your self.
I know about John Wesley, I have a brother whose name is Peter, but his other names are John Wesley.
You keep up the very good work, and say hello to your mum and dad from Barb abd Barney

detroit dog said...

You are a good dog, Frankie. You make the world a better place.