Sunday, March 1, 2009

Wooooie, check this out !

This is the coolest picture I have ever seen. Don't you think it looks like the Panther is petting me?? I hope that Mr. Cottrill sees this. My mom is amazed that she was lucky enough to take the shot this way. (I think she caught it accidently, claws she isn't that good with the camera. he he he)
I hope you all don't get bored with seeing these pictures for the next few posts. It is my sneaky way of seeing if I can find the exact best one for me to do my story about. (If Mr. Cottrill says it is okay, that is.) I rather feel like the weight of this big panther is on my back. I just can't mess up the story. I may need to have some pep talks from people like Ms. Sue Hall, among others.
I hope I don't have a bigger bone than I can chew!!

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