Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sad momma goose

I have been thinking about writing my story about the goose. I remembered that last spring I found this momma goose who had lost one egg from her nest. She was so very much sad and I felt so sorry for her.
This all happened at MY lake which is called Burr Oak. Mom was reading on my boat. Dad was fishing and I was doing my beach combing work. I found the egg first. I didn't know what it was at first. Then I found the mom on her nest. She was afraid of me and I will admit I was a little bit afraid of her. I didn't know what to do so I ran back to my boat and made my emergency noises to get mom's attention. She went with me to see what I had found. Then she went back to the boat and got the camera. I sat there an watched the mom and her egg while mom was gone. The momma did not even move. She really wanted her egg back. Mom said we couldn't do anything because the mom would not leave her other eggs. I wanted to help though. Mom had to pick me up and carry me back to the Lady L because I was soooo upset I couldn't even walk.
Isn't that a sad story? It is all very much the truth. I felt so helpless.
I am so glad that I remembered these pictures. I think they might inspire me. I hope so.


lady jicky said...

Now that is a sad story Frankie. I guess its sort of like us - when we get sold and we leave our nest of brothers and sister puppies. This little egg will never know but Mum Goose does.
Been out and about in the car yesterday Frankie. It was scarey yet fun (we stopped of at a garden centre and I was allowed to come in!)
There are good things about having your last needle at the Vet on Saturday!
See Ya!

Frankie Furter said...

Good for you Mate. You are now free to go places with your mum. I'll bet there were some very much grrrreat things to sniff at that garden center. I wish I could have been there with you. My wimmen have a video on their blog. They are on a walk in the snow. It is wonderful. They are such babes. There are two other dogs that are flirting with them. I am kind of worried about that.
Is it any cooler for you yet? We just went on what people call Daylight Savings Time. It means that they are tricked into thinking they get more day time. They don't really. They are such very strange creatures, these people.
So how are your classes coming? Have you made any progress with your girlfriend Jackie?
G'day Mate !!!