Friday, March 13, 2009

Monsters among us

I don't think this will be a good post for little kids. I am going to tell you about the monsters that live at my house. I am worried that they will be very much afraid if they read this stuff.

You've been WARNED !
I will try to give you some information about each one of them.
Vacula He lives in the closet down in the den.
Vacula Jr. Lives in the hall closet.
Vacshopula Who only lives where Jennifer stays.
Baby Vacula That hides in mom's closet.
the Getcha Who is like a giant mouth without teeth. It can open up big enough for Jennifer to go in and out. But the Getcha makes terrible noises when it goes up and down.
Furnzilla Who must be like a dragon because it blows hot air that comes out of holes it made in my floors. It sometimes sucks things down those holes. (I think mom and dad are afraid of this one. They try to keep Furnzilla out by putting bars over the holes it made in the floor.)
I don't have any pictures of these things because I am always too afraid to take one. Mom and dad can't do it either because they are always busy when these monsters come out to do their dirty work. Maybe when my big sister Lori comes to visit me, I'll see if she will take some pics.. She is very much brave. I know that because she lives with porcupines, and bears, a cougar running around her place.
This is all the scary stuff that you should read in one day. I will tell you some more about them another time. I just wanted you to know what an frightening house I live in. Mom says that I must believe we live in the HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL.
I hope you will be able to sleep tonight. I did warn you though.

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