Monday, March 30, 2009

I got a WARD ...

I felt like it was the day Santa Paws comes, all over again. I woke up this morning to a very much grrreat surprise. Henry the Dog gave me a WARD on his blog site today. I didn't know anything about these WARDS. He just gave it to me. WOW!! In fact there are really 2 of them. I liked them both. I am not the only fur person that he gave WARDS to. I thought you might like to read what they were and who he gave them to, and why we got them. ##### There were some really cute pictures that went with the WARD words. Butt for some reason they would not come to my blog when I called them by doing the copy/paste thingy. Oh well, it's okay. You get the idea. What made it even more special was that Henry was getting packed to go for a very long stay at his kennel place because him mum has had a problem with this credit munch thing and she has to go away to do some very hard work to get more plastic stuff so they can live a good life. sniff sniff I really feel bad about stuff like that. Anyway his mum took time from packing for Henry and for herself, to give out this award. What a nice thing. Now I will need to pay it forward. It is almost time for my monthly donation to the shelter. I think I will also go through my toy boxes and see if I can find some very much nice toys to donate too. I'll do it in Henry's name. My mom always says,'Out of every bad thing, good things come.' scroll down for more.

~~~~~~~~~~ this is from my friend Henry the Dog's blog yesterday.~~~~~~~~~~~~~
So, I’m going to pass these awards on to all my doggy pals – and if I forget any of you, pop along and pick them up anyway

The first one is the Premio Dardos Award. Premio Dardos apparently means “prize darts” in Spanish. It is given for recognition of cultural, ethical, literary, and personal values transmitted in the form of creative and original writing. That can't be me - it sounds much too grand, but hey, what the hell. I AM grand. And so are my doggy pals.

The second award is this one.

The premise of this award is blogs that one couldn't miss each morning.

So they BOTH go to:

Life of Stubby Stubby’s a real ‘eco warrior’ and very good pal.

Clive who is a true hero, a working dog who brings a ray of sunshine into the life of ‘Little Man’

Frankly Speaking – my friend Frankie Furter – a little Daschund who does stuff for charity and makes me feel humble.

Minnie-Moo – the rescue lab, who’s simply great fun and quite a babe.

Detroit Dog – because they do good things for dogs and it was one of the first blogs I started to follow

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~There were some very much grrreat pictures but they would not cut and paste into my blog. That is OKAY. It is the huge thought that counts. I have never ever had a WARD before. I am honored and humbled. Thank you Henry. I will miss you while you are away. ~~~~~


Frankie Furter said...

To my friend, Miss Marsha,
Thank you for the nice email about my Ward. :D Licks & Wags

Nibbles Treats said...


Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker

Ruby and Penny said...

Hi Frankie
Congrats on your 1st award. We hope you get many more.
We look so cute in your santa suit.
Can we be your elves?
Love Ruby & Penny

detroit dog said...

Hey -- Thanks for letting me know that I got a WARD, too! Better go pick it up!

Frankie Furter said...

Hi Oscar, Tinkerbell, and Tucker, Thank you. I am all embarrassed and excited about this.
My dachshund darlings, You most surely may be my elves. The cutest ones ever seen. But will you still be my "WIMMEN"?
DETROIT DOG I feel that you deserve the awards far more than I do. I know how much you do for the animals in your area. Since my mom was born in Detroit, she keeps an eye on things up there. She tells me that the credit munch and economic situation is really very much bad. That makes what you do so very much more important.
May the Great Dachshund send blessings to you and yours.
Licks & Wags to all my friends.