Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I got in trouble last night.

I guess I need to do some thinking about how I write my words down. I was so excited that these two really cute dachshunds wanted to be blog buddies with me, that I just went crazy. Now I am going to have to write one of those Paw-la-gee things to the people at my writer group. I am going to have to say that I am sorry about calling those dachshund girls hotties and for saying that they must think I am a studmuffin. I didn't know those were bad things to say. When dad and I watch that PPV thing on the TV, we hear those words.

Now mom says dad and I are both "grounded" for watching things that are un-hole-some. I thought flat ground was un-holed When I see some ground that is un-holed, I Certainly think it is in need of much hole digging. It is just a dachshund thing. Oh, it is all so confusing.

Dad did say that these new girl dogs were probably twins. It was dad that said, "Wow, Frankie, Twins are every guy's dream." I just repeated what he told me. Mom told him that he was contributing to the delinquency of a dachshund.

Now mom says the people in the writer group are SHOCKED. I thought that was what happened when you chewed on lamp cords. I didn't like getting shocked. It hurt a lot, so I am now cured of chewing cords. I am sorry that I shocked those people. I didn't mean to hurt them. They are always so nice to me.

I hope this whole scandal doesn't keep those cute dachshund girls from wanting to be my blog friends. That would make me feel like such a poop butt.


Ruby and Penny said...

Hi Frankie
We are sorry that you are grounded. We hope being grounded doesn't stop you from doing nice things for other doggies.
Were you calling us hotties. If so, thank you. You are a studmuffin Frankie.
Love Ruby & Penny

Frankie Furter said...

Yes, I got so excited about you two wanting to become my girl friends that I just got all carried away. I think you are both soooo very much cute, it just got my mind in a runaway mode. Today I went all through your blog. I loved your video. You certainly put that cat over the fence. I have a fenced area too. I play in there when mom and dad can't watch me.
Ruby I think your tail looks just like mine. But I seem to have a lot more hair. Do you get ice balls stuck in your hair when you go out in the snow. I just hate that. Your colors seem to be about opposit from mine. You are black where I am golden (tan).
Penny, one of my family's dachshunds from the past, could have been registered as a dapple or as wild boar either one. He was a short hair like you. I have only seen pictures because, he passed away when he was 14 1/2.
Maybe if I show this to mom she will un-ground me, when she finds out that it is okay with you that I called you both hotties. I am going to try it.
Licks & Wags x's 2 he he he