Sunday, February 1, 2009


I am very much happy. The sun is out and the temperature has come up above freezing for the first time in days. We are going to have some serious melting of this yucy old ice and snow. I may get to play out for more than 10 mins..
Yesterday that mean old hawk was back. He grabbed a bird and ate it right in my yard. It was very much awful. It was too cold for me to go out there and make him go away. I feel like a real slacker.
Tomorrow is Ground Hog day. That means that if he comes out and sees his shadow he will be scared and run back into his hole for six more weeks of winter. But if it is dark and gloomy he will come out and not be afraid. That will mean that we only have 42 more days of winter. I want it to be dark and maybe even be snowing so he gets us an "early" spring. he he he That ground hog is really a sneakey little devil. he he he
Today is a very much important anniversary for my mom. It has been 365 days of be-tiredment for her. Yea !!! I am so happy that she be-tired. I hated it when she went away every day and made me baby sit my dad all day.

When I had to watch my dad all day it was very much difficult for me. He does not behave himself very much. He was always doing things that I did not want him to be doing. He did not want to do my things like mom does. It is very very much better on this hill now that my mom is home everyday. I have her very much trained to do what I want done. he he he


lady jicky said...

Frankie - don't you think it would be fun to chase that groundhog? I was out in the backyard on the crunchy lawn and I chased this pigeon that came down for a drink in the birdbath. My Mum was not happy but I don't care!
Happy retirement to you all!
See Ya!

Frankie Furter said...

Good job Kenzo. Even though I like to have all the feeders around for my birds, I still think it is our DUTY to chase them now and again. It keeps them on full alert. That way... they won't be caught by a hawk or some other mean animal. We are really just protecting them. he he he That is OUR story, and you and I are going to stick to it, right mate?