Thursday, February 5, 2009

My word still stands

I am still "sticking" to my promise of eating my supper every day. I thought I would look through my pictures to see if something would reflect my mind set.

This is a picture of a porcupine up in a tree. Now those guys really know how to "stick to things". Mom took this picture from my cousin Sarge's back deck. You have to look closely at that big dark blob you can actually see some of his quills "sticking" up on his back. Porcupines eat leaves twigs and bark. They usually stay in trees during the day. At night they come down and move around more. We don't have any of them living here. Cousin Sarge lives on top of a mountain in Pennsylvania. That is where I found my Bear Poop pile. It is not really safe for me to go outside by myself there. Between the porkies, bear, and the neighborhood cougar, mom and dad always go out with me when I need to make potty. Sarge can go out by himself though because he is pretty big, and no one would want to get him anyway. But I am not allowed to say that, so please forget my last remark. he he he

So my big "point" is that I am still keeping my New Year's Resolution. I want to be able to donate another bag of food to the shelter at the end of February.


lady jicky said...

Hi Frankie! I never knew Porcipines went up trees!!! I thought they lived in burrows like rabbits.
Oooh those quills would stab you right through Frankie - that is , if the bear does not get you!
In for a really hot day tomorrow. Could be bad bush fires.
Trying to keep cool.
See Ya!

Frankie Furter said...

Well, in the winter they do go into small burrows that they dig out under rocks and downed trees. They don't do an actual hibernation like a bear does. More like what those pesky ground hogs do. In and out of burrows as the temp. drops and raises.
My mom sent her friend Barb some porky quills once. They are pretty neat long as you don't touch the pointy ends.
My cousin Sarge got into a tussle with a porky last spring. It was inside his fenced area. Sarge even had a quill stuck in his tongue. I know it really hurt something fierce, but....he he he I kind of got a wag or two out of the story. Sarge is kind of mean to me, you know.
I will send you cool icicle thoughts tomorrow.
Be sure to pee on lots of things in your yard. Keep stuff damp and safe from the bush fires. he he he