Thursday, February 19, 2009

Finally !!

After only 48 days!!!
Jim the Grinch Guy has taken his Christmas Lights down. Now I can finally say Good Bye to
to Santa Paws. Of course... the Grinch is going to have to get those things back out in just 9 months. he he he

He told my dad that he was going to put up his Easter things. I suppose those things will be up for the Fourth of July.

I have been listening to all of the bad economic news. People are so worried about what is going to happen. They just can't seem to stop talking about bad scary things. I wish that there was a news channel that only talked about the good things that happen in the world. I am sure that there are some super people (and animals) that are doing some wonderful things. I did hear yesterday about a border collie that saved its mom from a house fire. I would have liked to hear more of that story. We need more good stories like that. Lets start looking for some sunshine and spread it around. Down with gloom and doom.

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