Friday, January 16, 2009

You must always have a plan.

This is a sign on the wall in my room. It is there to remind my mom and dad what their job is. I had a plan on New Year's Day.
I have never been good about eating my supper. I much prefer table food and SNACKS ! Every day my mom and I would growl and snap at each other about this issue. I always won. She would end up throwing out my wet food every evening. Then at Christmas time there were all the stories about shelters that needed food donated to them because of the poor economy and the large number of dogs and cats that were being turned in. Poor sad scared fur people who were taken away from the families that they loved. I felt terrible about all of that. The first thing I did was use my gift card, for winning the Most Favorite Character award at the play, to buy a big bag of food and donated it to the shelter.
Then I made a new plan. I would promise to eat my food every day so it would not be wasted. Mom said if I did it for a full month.... we would buy another bag of food and take it to the shelter.
So far I have kept my promise for 15 days. Mom is happy and I am Proud of keeping my word. I can do this. It will help others. 2009 will be a tough year for everyone. I am doing my part to help. That is my PLAN.


Dachshund lover said...

What a wonderful Plan you have put out there for yourself. Your mom and dad must be very proud of you. It is such a good idea that I am going to pledge to make a donation to a shelter also. I will make it in YOUR NAME,if that is okay with you. Maybe some of your other readers will join us in a monthly donation to the Animal Shelter. Wouldn't that be a wonderful thing? Dachshunds are such loving and caring little fur people. You are a perfect spokesperson for your breed.

Frankie Furter said...

D.L., Thank you for your nice words about me. I LOVE your PLAN. Yes, you may make donations in my name. I will be very honored. I hope other people will join us. This is just the type of thing I will want to get started... once Barak Obama invites me to be in his cabinet as Secretary of Animal Care and Protection. Hugs and Wags to you with a big lick of thanks.

lady jicky said...

That is one great plan Frankie . I do hope Barak Obama gets you in the cabinet for animal care!
Vote No. I Frankie! Woof!!!