Friday, January 23, 2009

Still working on My Cabinet Position

My mom is helping me to get into a cabinet position. Well, actually she is starting her spring cleaning and... while it was open, and before it was cleaned, she let me in. Of course, this is not a TOP LEVEL cabinet. And, I guess I should admit that it isn't exactly in Washington, D.C..
I am in a cabinet though. he he he
It is one step in the path to getting my Secretary of Animal Care and Protection position though. I wonder when I will be called by Congress to be interviewed and investigated? I hope it is soon.
I have also been working on my story writing. Last night I went to one of my writer group meetings. (There were wonderful snacks, CHEESE) My mom read my latest story to the group. Three of them are going to help me to edit it. I have aready heard back from two people. When I hear from the last one... I will make the changes and then send it to the nice lady that I wrote it for. I hope that she likes it.
One of my writer friends (Michael) wants me to start writing pawetry. I told him that I had already written two this week. He says my writing is very much pawsome. That is a grrrrreat thing to say about someone. So just for Michael I am going to write this new pawem.

A Friend Offers His Help

You edited my work when it was needed.
Your words of wisdom will be heeded.
You even made an new word, just for me.
It fills my tiny heart with glee.
by: Frankie F. Price, dachshund
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ I had to come back to edit this post. You are very much not going to believe this one. Just as I was finishing this up, mom's phone rang. It was Sue Hall, the lady I wrote the story for. She talked to my mom but not to me. You might remember that I am not allowed to use the phone any more. Not since, THE INCIDENT. Anyway, Ms. Hall said....... she likes my story !!!!!! I am ssssssooooooo happy. I really do feel PAWSOME!!!! This feels just a grrrrrrrrreat as the day I took the food to the animal shelter. Yowie yow yow yowllllll ! I just can't make enough outloud words. I am so very much glad that my words were able to tell a good story about a wonderful painting.
And even more good news. My friend Paul, who also belongs to my writer group, called today (Mom talked to him, too. Again, due to the INCIDENT) and said that he would go to the art studio open house night and he will READ MY STORY FOR ME. Paul has a very very much good voice and it will make my story EVEN BETTER. I have had one very much wonderful day. What more could a little dachshund ask for?????

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