Sunday, January 25, 2009

preventive medicine

I didn't have any appropriate pictures for our discussion today. My new mate Kenzo is just really young. He has a lot of things ahead of him. He has been listening to some scary stories about going to the vet. I call going to the vet a Very Educational Trip. It teaches me that there are some mean scary people out there that do some sick and disgusting things to animals. As I said to Kenzo, those people will just grab your tail and stick a big cold wet thing... You would never believe where they stick in, and they don't even warn you by sniffing there first. Awful. Just awful.

They also do evil surgical experiments on you at that Vet place. I once went in feeling, and looking just fine, and came out with no thumbs, a bucket on my head, and my 'boys' were gone.

That was a very bad time, let me tell you. Some people call it "being FIXED", my boys were just fine, they needed no fixing at all. I took real good care of them, believe me. It would be much better to just tell everyone that you are being de-sexed. I didn't understand any of this stuff until my dad took me for a walk and explained everything. Once I understood that there would not be any girl dogs begging ME to pay attention to THEM instead of them wanting to pay attention to ME, it all made sense. Now when I see my girlfriend dogs, they are grrrreat to me. The bring toys to me and share food with me (like they should) instead of demanding that I do things for them. My life is much better now, I don't miss the boys at all.

Well, now that I have grown up, and graduated from my school, I know how important those things really are. As part of my job (if I get it) as Secretary of Animal Care and Protection, I am going to PROMOTE that kind of thing for all animals. Preventive shots, and pills, and surgery are not always fun at the moment, but they are worth it for a good life.


Frankie Furter said...

Hey Henry & Kenzo, I tried to leave a comment on Henry's blog and it wouldn't let me. I don't know why. Henry wanted to know what kind of suggestions we would have for President Obama. My suggestion would be... Make a Cabinet position for me. I keep saying that I want to be your Secretary of Animal Care and Protection. I would be very much good at it. It should be a very much big priority for him because animals need to be remembered right now, and his girls are wanting a fur person of their own. I would be a big spoksman for poor and abused ones.

lady jicky said...

Frankie Mate! Mum has found she has to do that posting a couple of times to get it to "take" on some blogs. Oooh the swear words Frankie!
Mum has told me all her dogs get de-sexed because we are in the city and its better for us - we are calmer and no puppies. Too many unwanted dogs here in Oz! So sad. I was told I would be OK and I would get ice-cream. I think thats for tonsils but Mum did say I would get some ice-cream. I have not had that but it sounds great !