Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My word still stands

This is one of my favorite pictures. It is one of those days on the lake when my dad did not do everything I told him to. When that happens... I make my mom get out my Plank and tell dad he needs to shape up or... he is going to have to walk it. It puts him back on the right path immediately. he he he My dad was in the Navy so he knows all about that walking the plank stuff.
I wrote a winter poem for all of you. Then my mate Kenzo's mum wanted one for her. They live in Australia, and it is very very much HOT there right now. So, I made a poem just for that. I am not much good at that poetry stuff. It is very much difficult when you remember that English is not my first language. I don't think either poem was good, but they were funny. It is the thougth that counts.
It was very difficult for me to finish my dinner last night. I made it, but not until 10:00. Whew, I was beginning to doubt if I could do it. I only have 10 more this month, then mom will buy that big bag of food for the shelter. I want that to happen.
I still have not heard anything from PRESIDENT Barack Obama about my cabinet position as sec. of Animal Care and Protection. I suppose he was just too busy today. If he doesn't get a break soon, I guess I will just have to take the cat by the tail and just assume my duties. Right??????


lady jicky said...

Oh Frankie - that poem was Fabbo!!

I would love to see your Mum's Dad walk that itty bitty plank! Splash!

I thought you would be at the ball with Barak - not on the computer!

Frankie Furter said...

Lady J. & Kenzo, I am so tickled that you liked my poem. I am much better with prose (than those, he he he). Another Frankie funny.
I don't quite understand the why of this, however there are some places that I am not allowed to go. Can you believe that??? I believe it is dachshund discrimination. Perhaps Pres. Barack Obama will work on. So, I was in front of the telly all day. I watched it all, except for a tiny nap.
How is my new mate doing? Is he working on his potty training? I know how important that is to you two legged ones.
I really hope that he gets his very own blogspot.
My other mate (Barney)'s mum left here today. She is on her way to Oregon which is very much far west of here. It will be warmer for her there.
licks & wags

lady jicky said...

frankie - we are working on the potty training . sometimes it works and sometimes.........