Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Keeping my Resolution

I am pretty happy with myself. I have been keeping my promise to eat all of my food every day. If I make it to the end of the month my mom is going to buy a big bag of dog food and I will get to take it to the Animal Shelter for the dogs who don't have enough to eat. I didn't know that it would be this much fun to keep my resolution. Mom praises me and then brushes me as soon as my bowl is empty. I very much like both of those. When mom is happy I am happy.
This is a pic. of us on my boat. I am wearing my life jacket. Mom makes me wear it when we have company on the Lady L.. She is such a worry wart. I can swim, I just don't like to. I prefer to comb the beaches looking for interesting stuff.
I am still waiting for Bark O'Momma to email me about getting into his cabinet. I heard on the news that his is going to get sworn at next week. I suppose he must be busy making his big speech about that. I imagine that he will tell people that it is very much not nice to swear at people. My mom does that sometimes and then she always tells me never to use those words when I write.
It is very much cold here. There is crunchy snow on the ground. I am not impressed. I could not stay outside and do my brushpile work yesterday. So a big hawk came and ate one of my mom's birds. She was very much sad about that. It was a little sparrow. It was one of those times when my mom said some (well, a bunch) of those swear words. She wanted dad to shoot the hawk. He wouldn't do it though. He said that it was my job to keep them away from the bird feeders. It caused a very much big loud discussion, I can tell you. All of that fuss just because it is very much cold outside.


Dachshund lover said...

Frankie, dear boy, the new president won't be sworn at, he will be sworn IN. It is another one of those language things that you keep running into. That is like a promise. You know about those. You are proudly keeping yours. Your mom should forgive the hawk. It needs to eat,too. Are you dreaming about warm days on your boat?

lady jicky said...

Hi Frankie and Mum. Yes, that hawk was doing what nature would want him too but - it would distress me if I saw it.
I am glad you wear a life jacket , with your little feet paddling if you overturned - you might get very tired and that is when problems really start in the water.
I wish I could send you our hot weather Frankie. its cool today but yesterday it was near 100f!
Hot Dog!

Frankie Furter said...

G'day Lady J, My mate Barney taught me to speak a little bit of Australian. He is a King Charles Spaniel. His mum is visiting in our little town. My mum has known Barb for 3 years now. They met the other time Barb was here. Barb and Barney live in Manilla, NSW. She brought us some Vegemite. I didn't like it. Do you? I wish I could send you some of this snow we are getting. It is now 5 inches deep. And the temp. is now -1 degree 22 c. for you. You sweat I freeze. Not fair some how. he he he Licks and Wags to you.