Saturday, January 10, 2009

# 99

I can hardly believe this. This is my 99th. blog post. Wwwoooooo !!! Another milestone for me.
I am trying to think springtime thoughts today. That is because we are getting a rain/sleet/snow event.
This is a picture of my driveway, and the dreaded
.... Jennifer Jeep, that shows some TULIPS blooming. My house is at the top of the "hill", but you can't really see it through the trees. I can hardly wait for those tulips to start blooming again.
My mom tells me that I am supposed to write a very much good story about a painting that Mrs. Sue Hall painted of her husband when he was watering her flower garden for her. Mom says that the picture is about love and commitment. It caught a moment that would show a young wife and mother the true nature of the man she married. Telling a story about that kind of picture will take a lot of thinking and some very much special words. It will help me to think about spring, don't you think?

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