Sunday, December 14, 2008

I was Santa Paws !!!

I went to my Cast Party. It was SO much fun. I came out as Santa Paws. Not the real one, of course. He wasn't in the play so he couldn't come to the party. It was just some extra fun that I wanted to share with all my friends.
The best part was that my "Play" family won the most favorite character award !!! They gave me a gift card to Pet Smart. Mom is going to take me there to buy things. I am going to buy food for poor homeless Dogs in Shelters. That will be a very good thing.
I was a real PARTY ANIMAL. I played with the kids a lot. Then we had some really GRRRRRREAT ham and cheese !!! Dee even gave me my very own Water Bowl !!!
It was the best time! Almost everyone from the play was there. We watched a movie of the play. But that was after we had our food and we had all played and had a bunch of fun. So, I had to take a little nap when the movie was on.
I got to meet my friend Barney's mum. She and Barney live in Australia. Barney is there but she is here. It is like a Christmas miracle. I really liked her. I wish Barney could have been at the party though.
I am such a very lucky dachshund. I have GRRRRREAT friends. That is the best of all.

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