Monday, December 8, 2008

I made a BIG joke on my mom tonight !!!

Tonight was the last night for our play. I think we did an awsome job!!

I was feeling really grrrrreat when we got home.

Mom says I was hyped up. Anyway, I pulled a really good trick on her.

She fixed herself a piece of pumpkin pie and put this yummy white stuff on the top. A bunch of it, too !!! Then she put it on the coffee table and went to get some coffee. While she wasn't looking...... I licked all the white stuff off of it. Then I got on the floor and waited to see what would happen. She came back in and ate THREE BIG BITES !!! hehehe Then she said to my dad, Darn it, I thought I put stuff on the top of this. I'm sure I did. (I was on the floor rolling around and laughing because it was so funny to me. And it tasted good, too.)

Then my dad said, "What is all that white stuff all over Frankie's face?" Now I was really laughing. I was even on my back making kicky feet because it was so funny.

Then my mom said, "Yuck ! I ate some of this pie after he licked all over it !"

Isn't this just the funniest thing you have ever heard? he he he

The best part is that mom didn't even get mad at me. She just picked me up and rubbed my head and laughed at my joke. I think it was because she is so proud of me for being in the play. Or, it could be that she loves me a whole bunch.

Maybe now she will tell Santa Paws that I really need my own computer for Christmas.

I loved being in the play. It was so fun for me to be with all those grrrrreat people. I will miss them.

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