Friday, December 19, 2008

I got Grinched again!!!

You will not believe this story, it is just terrible. I was Grabbed by the Grinch again.
My mom and dad took me down the road to our neighbors house, very much early yesterday morning. These people (named Fontell and Jim) got in and that JIM drove my jeep (who is named Jennifer).
I was very much worried because I did not know if this man could drive my Jennifer very safely like mom does.
This Grinch Guy drove and drove for days and days and he did not even ask if I had to pee. Only the nice lady named Fontell asked if I had to go. We were gone from my home for a very much long time.
Then the Grinch Guy stopped, and mom and the nice lady went in a store and this mean Grinch Guy did not even pet my head and say that I am wonderful. He just kept talking to my dad. I know he was holding me hostage.
Then they all went into another place that had food for them to eat and that is where Grinch Man caused a very much bad scene that I heard all about when they came back to Jennifer and me.

My mom brought me some food and water, but I was just too much afraid that this Grinch Guy would do some bad thing to me, so I could not eat or drink. My mom said that the Grinch Guy should not have paid for everyone's lunches. But this Grinch Guy just insisted and grabbed the bill paper. When I heard this part I got really scared, because I have been grabbed by the Grinch before, and it is a very much bad thing. Did you see my picture at the top?
I do not know what my mom was thinking. She actually thanked that Grinch Guy for causing an incident in that food place. She should have been writing him a very much bad note instead of making one of those PAW LA GEE things. Mean Grinches should not get Paw La Gized to.
Did I tell you that this Jim the Grinch Guy would not bring us home? We were gone for days and days, I think. He just kept driving us around and around so that he could be mean to my mom and me. That is how the Grinch is, you know.
Did I tell you that this Grinch Guy spent all of his time harrassing my mom? I think she should write him a very much big long letter.

So Santa Paws will be very much unhappy that I had such a hard time. He will feel very much sorry for me because I had to go to this place called Amish Country where you can buy cheese and trail bologna and never even give any of it to a poor frightened Dachshund.
That is how my forever long day went; after Fontell (who is very much nice) and Jim The Grinch Guy got into my Jennifer the Jeep very much early yesterday morning.
At least now, I know where that mean old Grinch Guy lives and that he is also called Jim Bolyard.

I went to bed very much early last night because I needed to rest after all that driving and harrassing and not being able to pee and not having anything to eat for ever and ever. When I get time, I might just write a letter to this Jim the Grinch Guy myself. That will teach him a lesson. He was naughty, not nice! I don't think Santa Paws will bring him anything except maybe some yucky old CAT FOOD.

I very much think that Santa Paws will feel so bad about this that he will get me my very own, no mouse computer that I think is called a Yap Stop computer. I want the kind that has a touch pad. That will work for me because I love to be touched and I have pads on my paws.
I have to go now. I am going to have Cheese and Trail Bologna for my breakfast.

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