Monday, December 22, 2008

How many more days?

Dear Santa Paws,
I keep looking at the calendar thing and your big day just does not seem to be getting any closer. Are you getting tired of waiting too?
I was a very much good dachshund all day yesterday. I did not bother any of the Christmas decorations, I did not chase any birds away from the feeders. I did not even hide my moms socks while she was in the shower thing. I even ate all of my supper before I asked for snacks. I took my nap and best of all I did not complain hardly at all when I wanted to use the computer and my mom was hogging it all up. I just waited on the floor and hardly even made a whine.
I hope that you remember how much I need my very much own personal private computer. That would be so very much better for my mom. She would not have to wait until I am through with my very much important computer stuff, so that she can do her silly stuff. Wouldn't that be just so nice for her? She would be very much happy.
Do you remember that I need one that has no mouse and is a YapStop kind with a touchpad? That is what would be very much the best for me to use. I would not make any Yaps when my pads are working on that kind of grrrrreat computer that has no mouse.
I will not forget to leave you a MILK GLASS AND COOKIE PLATE. My mom made some very much good cookies !!!
I also hope that when you do finally get around to coming, you will bring love and happiness to everyone.

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